Migos – Need It (Visualizer) ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Migos – Need It (Visualizer) ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Music video by Migos performing Need It (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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66 Responses

  1. BBG says:


    Tik Tok: Am bouta ruin this song

  2. KezManian Devil says:

    ….CRASH like BANDICOOT……brings back memories of playing Crash Bandicoot on muh ol’ PS 1……

    • EternalBlasphemy says:

      You can still play it on Steam or PSX1 emulator if you want somethign close to an authentic ps1 playing experience.

    • Keith Fraser says:

      I have all three on PS4 remake reminds me of the same thing LoL 😆

  3. Mr. Clean says:

    Tik Tok Definitely will ruin a song and they’ve murdered the classics… Offset and YB 🔥

  4. DP ERY says:

    Only people that didn’t come Tiktok is Worthy of liking this

  5. 5000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    This is the first song I heard where 4 people had hard verses

    • Popp Gangsta says:

      George Lincoln Rockwell Well evryone has their preferences honestly

    • Popp Gangsta says:

      Dalton Street baby I aint a fan because his music aint got that vibee I likeee in his own songs but On features Another side of him pops out n I cant stop replayingg. And I feel like he has the potential to be like so much more good you just gotta bring it out of him

    • N.W.A. says:

      4,3,2,1 – LL Cool J

    • Bosilaify says:

      u gotta listen to more music

    • Kay Highes says:

      To whoever doesn’t like yb just tell them to listen to u til death called my name and ai youngboy 2

  6. 5000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    This is fire, Migos coming with the hits. This is going to be a big come back for them!!!!! Young boy hasn’t missed yet on any feature.

  7. 5000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    Takeoff and Big Huncho…YES YES Offset and Youngboy they Go nice together too

  8. James Randle says:

    When the teacher actually means “Great Job everyone”

  9. Kaiden Bays says:

    Let’s enjoy this before Tik Tok abuses it.

  10. Celine Martin says:

    4 of them had hard verses, this is hard af. This is the Migos we needed.

  11. MEMESTIC says:

    Here before Tiktok makes a sound for this song

  12. Jose Gaines says:


    YoungBoy: “y’all said y’all wanted that old Migos flow back?”😎

  13. Tomito 33 says:

    This song is litterally a battle 2vs2 between Offset and Nba against Takeoff and Quavo 😭😅

  14. King David says:

    Offset and NBA should do a tape together

  15. Verify-Splxsh says:

    The last person to like this comment will be a billionaire

  16. RayWitDa Sauce says:

    Everyone: Black Shirt, Shades and Long hair

    Nba Youngboy: Damn near opposite 😂

  17. Anthony Tobin White says:

    They seem to have found their sound again and it’s sounded a lot like no label Migos, excited for their next project!!

    • Aidan Barrera III says:

      You a real one only the og fans member that no label flow 1&2 shit classic

    • Johnny Appleweed says:

      That takeoff/quavo back and forth sounds like classic migos could be some old recorded heat they had in the vault that they brought out

    • Capo Gotti says:

      Fr offset and takeoff didn’t really change its Juss quavo been tryna sound too mainstream and I didn’t Fw it buh racks 2 skinny and this one sounds like he’s coming back Buh them old flows are what made me a big fan and I hope they bring it back and hold it

    • Capo Gotti says:

      Tha no labels and tha rich nigga timeline were classics

    • Adams_ YAHHH says:

      Capo Gotti i agree migos 2/3 right now

  18. Jamair Williams says:

    Takeoff is the ‘pencil you’re using in the exam when you’re nervous, always snapping💯💥

  19. Daunte Burnett says:

    Roses are red violets are blue, I like my own comment cuz nobody do.

  20. Sarah Eubanks says:

    Migos go in HAM on this, BANGER! He aint like all these other lames who just be goin viral by usin *Hipviews* *com* To get they views up.. SMH

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