Migos x Tasty Whip Up Stir Fry

Migos x Tasty Whip Up Stir Fry

Listen to Migos’ new album Culture II featuring ‘Stir Fry’: https://Migos.lnk.to/Culture2TA

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/46898

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71 Responses

  1. mikah ong says:

    This is new for tasty

  2. soonshim the dog says:

    this should be the official music video

  3. kash monii says:

    they did that stir fry

  4. 4ElementGirl says:

    How’d they get Migos on Tasty?

  5. Gabriella Flores says:

    Literally so random lmao.

  6. c says:

    Next thing ya know, Migos gonna be on Noisey or Complex making actual T shirts. ?

  7. Nadia Sani says:

    This is the best collaboration I’ve ever seen !!!?

  8. Apex Nino says:

    This is sooo dope!!

  9. Seven Buttons says:

    Even while cooking they stay close to each other ???

  10. Dan X says:

    Anyone else thought there was gonna be an interview?? ?

  11. c says:

    This was cool lol. they shoulda added the *ohhh yes* at the end

  12. Infinite Athletics says:

    I can get behind this.

  13. Rohan rx says:

    That Srir fry food is what I want to eat right now!

  14. c says:

    Next Tasty video is gonna be Lil Yatchy making cheddar bacon pizza with Sprite

  15. maplebobo says:

    This clip is better.

  16. Bhavya Talwar says:

    Still better than Justin Bieber ??

  17. Addya says:

    This is so cute ??

  18. DeshawnTooLive says:

    This should’ve been the official music video. It’s something different than the usual big booty chicks dancing and waving money everywhere type of videos

  19. bigrickmachine says:

    This is better than the real Stir Fry music video.

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