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95 Responses

  1. King TD3 says:

    Flight scored on a 7f person

  2. Billy Martinez says:

    Ryan giving us quality quarantine content

  3. Jaydagawd 296 says:

    Damn everybody training with Ryan now

  4. Jerseythekid says:

    Ryan coming in clutch during quaratine

  5. daniel.ab1 says:

    Flight still hasn’t released the demon

  6. Michaux2k says:

    Flight hit the spring green and scored on jahzare I count that as a w

  7. TyroneLamarIV Gaming says:

    yo flight has improved so much. he used to look awkward moving but u fixed it:)

  8. HOF School shooter says:

    When flight said what’s up!

    Mikey called iso and we already knew what was gonna happen 💀

  9. CHRIS says:

    How jah 7ft and he out here missing lobs and dunks work on his weight ryan let him transform all that mass into muscle and we gon have the next shaq

  10. Gordon Hayward says:

    Flight dunked on Jah, it’s just that the cameras weren’t on.

  11. Alarxity says:

    Brawadis nd flight needa get they weight up😂😂tha was unfair match up two twigs vs two big bodies💀💀

  12. Bryant Carter says:

    Jah need to get in the gym with Shock he has a lot of potential

  13. Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest says:

    Flight has crazy potential. I know he be playin around

  14. Nova Astro says:

    1:11 damn flight actually used a move they taught him .

  15. 600 Subs with 1 video Challenge says:

    Mad respect to Ryan he teaching Flight some good sh*t. That up and under from flight was gorgeous.

  16. Jaydin says:

    Flight : Wassup
    Mikey : I’m about to end this mans whole career


  17. Ridonculos says:

    Flight just gotta work on them contested threes then he’ll be great.

    • 5000 subscribers for free pizza challenge says:

      I exepct the Warriors giving him a 10 day contract next month

  18. Wrath- says:

    “this aint 2k” “your not curry” I swear Mikey drains the shot every time Flight says that

  19. Esco beats says:

    When Flight hits a shot we all feel happy for him.

    Literally lights up the whole room 😂

  20. Izzy Mon says:

    Mikey: dunks on flight

    Crowd: …

    Flight: shoots wide open shot

    Crowd:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 lets goooooooooo

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