Miles Teller Saved a Pregnant Woman from a Shark

Miles Teller Saved a Pregnant Woman from a Shark

Miles Teller sets the facts straight about how many lives he saved when he pulled a woman from a shark-filled ocean.

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Miles Teller Saved a Pregnant Woman from a Shark

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20 Responses

  1. j schly says:

    too bad that wont save your career

  2. Jacob Gaddis says:

    Wow he’s a natural at interviews first time I laughed at an interview

  3. Dwayne Johnson says:

    Jimmy Fallon signed a contract for being the host of The Tonight Show for
    ‘at least 2021’.
    6 more years of his cancerous laugh.
    *Stabs self*

  4. Jerusalem Bee says:

    Yes. Baby in belly is a life. Ily Miles

  5. Mindy Hayes says:

    aw miles is so cute

  6. wackaer25 says:

    dumbest story i’ve ever heard

  7. MrNicPhoenix says:

    its bullshit

  8. Jonathan Clem says:

    Miles is a hero. He helped a pregnant woman and her child walk out of the

  9. fty tg says:

    He lost alotta weight

  10. Rj Pottorff says:

    At least he’s humble ?

  11. Colonel_Shrek says:

    Fucking clickbait

  12. Rance France says:

    Weird bulge??

  13. Apollo Gaming says:

    Wow, he saved 3 people! I couldn’t tell!

  14. Yağız Savcı says:

    He is a hella spreader.

  15. Armando Araiza says:

    i feel like hes high

  16. Tanner Vincent says:

    Peeta sure has come a long way since the Hunger Games.

  17. Mohammad Hamadi says:

    He’s actually really funny

  18. ShadyGMA says:

    If only the shark would have eaten him

  19. G.B.C. says:

    I haven’t seen so many white guys with fake blonde hair since the 90s.

  20. MichiJustmichi says:

    Ewww miles why?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO?! to your beautiful self? you look like
    the adopted son of Donald Trump trying so hard for his validation? I’m so
    sad right now