Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter (Official Video)

Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter (Official Video)

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52 Responses

  1. MileyCyrusVEVO says:


  2. SophieHasNoName says:

    It’s made my day to see someone in a powerchair in this video. This video is the definition of diversity and I’m living for it! You’re amazing Miley! ?

  3. edna danely says:

    Who’s watching this before 1M of views? ??

  4. Erika Bardere says:


  5. Felps 91 says:

    The reinvention of Britney’s iconic Oops… I did it again! music video red jumpsuit and I love it!

  6. its cait says:

    I cried watching this. Such a powerful message. As women we need to stand together. This is OUR time. ?❤️

  7. Whit DoesStuff says:

    This is so complex in a metaphorical sense that I’m bewildered by how awesome it is

  8. Fatima Berro says:

    Director: how much visual creativity do u want in 2019?

    Miley: yes

  9. Gilbert Tobian says:

    Let’s say thanks to Miley for being such a unique person spreading love and respect and talking about social inequality. She is a really precious human being.
    *Thank you, queen Miley!*

    • Zach Peganov says:

      Gilbert Tobian women and men are equal in today’s world.

    • Krysi bear says:

      @Zach Peganov lol that’s funny you think that. Put yourself in womens shoes your wouldn’t think that anymore. Open your third eye and wake up and you will see

    • Zach Peganov says:

      Krysi bear ok then tell me a right a man has that a women doesn’t. maybe u should close that magical third eye of yours and look at reality

  10. Gilbert Tobian says:

    Who is better?

    Actual Miley – like
    Hannah Montana – comment

  11. Gilbert Tobian says:

    Miley, keep yourself in safety cause we need someone like you to speak up about our daily problem. I can’t imagine the music industry without you!!!

  12. Kim Andrew Tungol says:

    Feeling sorry for those women who hate Miley Cyrus while she’s out there fighting for their freedom

    • Josefina Tornero Sauterel says:

      i’m already free, dumb bitch

    • Zachary C says:

      Lindsey Grey yeah, money driving positive social change, is that not admirable?

    • Rebecca Lankford says:

      Bullshit you say. I do not want that representing women. Lol Not in a million years.

    • Erica Joy says:

      Miley is a white women, while she still experiences sexism that is nothing compared to the combination of racism and sexism women of color have to endure. She has privilege due to her race, wealth, and celebrity. Her fight is not the same as other women in the world. It is good that she trying to help, but there is a difference.

    • melgirl97 says:

      Princess Leia Organa your comment its racist itself

  13. Allison Bond says:

    Why does YouTube have a extra love button? Because I love this video!! ??

  14. Gingerbread MAN says:

    Who is better?

    Ashley O – like
    Hannah Montana – comment

  15. Dakota C says:

    They pimped honey’s wheelchair out.
    This was nice and very inclusive.

  16. noPique Fernandes says:

    *Who is your favorite?*
    Miley Cyrus – like?
    Billie Eilish – coment ?

  17. Wencer Segura says:

    Only 1 word: MASTERPIECE
    Love u Miley Cyrus, this is what the world NEED ❤

  18. Kara Gilliam says:

    This video was weird, powerful, and beautiful. Definitely suits Miley. Also, why the hell does her mom look the same age her?! Damn.

  19. Sobahn Khan says:

    Miley Cyrus inspired me to start making Music again – I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!

  20. Hunter Johnson says:

    So this video has ads, but YouTube will demonetize videos with not even half the sexualization? Weird

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