Milford Mighty Mites Hawk Whip

Milford Mighty Mites Hawk Whip

Milford Mighty Mites Whip it up!!! during halftime of the Varsity Football Game 10/2/2015

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20 Responses

  1. robblemob says:

    Hey Laure,

    Nice video. that is all.

  2. Ivan Evans says:

    great way to start the morning THANKS

  3. mxtra22 says:

    The Whip heard around the world

  4. Sarah Roof says:

    Hi Laure –

    I’m reaching out with WCVB in Boston. We are also hoping to use this video
    with credit to you, too. Any help is appreciated.


  5. Rkb Brown says:

    That’s hilarious! But, why didn’t one of the coaches and/or parents request
    that the music be turned off?!! It was an obvious distraction! But, it was

  6. chabrastamepues says:

    I love the part at 1:23, when #57 in red decides he could care less about
    the two plays being run while he’s five yards behind the play dancing. Not
    to mention #20 in red who risks the false start penalty just to get in one
    more whip! LOL!

  7. chabrastamepues says:

    #32 in white is like: “What me run! Watch me score! Watch me run! Watch me
    score!” LOL!

  8. Monica Magana says:

    So cute! Perfect Happy Wednesday video. Thank you for sharing.

  9. nate says:

    Hey Laure,

    I am some guy at his job. I was wondering if I could watch your video over
    and over again and laugh all day at my desk, with a courtesy to you.

  10. tasha bivings says:

    2 cute ??

  11. Mike Koehler says:

    The fall of western civilization!!!

  12. Kenneth Smith says:

    57 was gettin it tho thanks for reppin for the white guys boi

  13. Sara Rose Kantrowitz says:

    Hi Laure,

    Great video! Can we use a clip of it on the 5:30 sports news show on
    NESN/New England Sports Network? Thank you for considering!

    Sara Rose Kantrowitz
    Producer – News

  14. thecovesf says:

    Thats awesome! Nice to see them having a good time and being kids.

    If this was the NFL, they’d all get penalties for unsportsman-like conduct.

  15. billgrip says:

    This is how sports should always be.

  16. NFL Network Newsdesk says:

    Hi there,

    McKenna Keil here reaching out from the NFL Network news desk. Did you take
    this video? If so, we’d like permission to use it on our broadcast and
    digital platforms. We will courtesy you however you’d like. Please let me
    know as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance with this request!

  17. Robert Rosenthal says:

    Worst dance show ever! 😛
    But the kids are having a blast, so that’s a great thing. :D

  18. jdheelfan says:

    This looks just like a Detroit Lions practice.

  19. FromHyrule says:

    And this is why other youths cream USA in the Olympics. 

  20. ArtisanTony says:

    It’s about time fun returned to little league sports. And adult sports for
    that matter.