Milibrand: The Interview – OFFICIAL VIDEO The Trews (E309)

Milibrand: The Interview – OFFICIAL VIDEO The Trews (E309)

The one you’ve been waiting for… Milibrand: The Interview.
In this third instalment of ‘The Trews: Politics Week’ I meet Labour leader Ed Miliband to talk about the public’s frustration with government and how change can happen.
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20 Responses

  1. Joe Lewis says:

    This should happen weekly if labour get in.

  2. PATHH88 says:

    Typical MP replies, nothing concrete – only “looking”. Bunch of window
    dressers and window shoppers the lot of them…

  3. PATHH88 says:

    Ps this guy is definitely “wonky”, but in a Tony Blair stylee!

  4. stephanie hayward johns says:

    Russell , a lot of people have assumed this is your endorsement of Ed
    Millerban. I think you need to make it clear your stance on each party
    because it could look like you told everyone not to vote and that you don’t
    vote and now you are endorsing the Labour Party. Are all the other leaders
    going to be featured on the trews ? To be clear I personally don’t think
    you should have to justify your self but in defending you to others it
    would be easier 🙂 the media is saying this interview will sway voters .

  5. Isobel C says:

    From the perspective of someone with such blatantly liberal views as Brand,
    voting for a left-wing surely serves as damage control? Vote for the Greens
    or Labour for that reason at least, it takes very little effort. You’re
    only ‘disenfranchised’ because you’re choosing to be.

  6. Mindmatters101 says:

    Every politician seems to be saying the same things, all the things that
    they know people want to hear but at the end of the day they all have their
    own agendas and the sad reality is that nothing they promise will happen.

  7. Luciana Tonarelli says:

    Dear Russell, in my opinion you were not challenging enough, you are
    beginning to get stuck in only a few issues (the banks and tax evasion in
    this instance) and in so doing you’re weakneing the power of your argument.
    WHAT about local government cuts and resulting job losses or salary cuts,
    disintegration (that is privatisation) of social services, closure of
    public libraries, stricter benefits rules and bedroom tax, fragmentation of
    education (academies, free schools, etc) and reduced funds to State
    schools, lack of investment in public infrastructures, 200% increase in
    student fees, priviatisation of the NHS (started with Labour and Agenda for
    Change!!!) and many more, … and even regarding the banks … apart from
    saying he’ll ” do something about it” , WHAT is Ed Milliband and his party
    actually going to do about ALL THESE ISSUES, and many more? WHAT is he
    proposing? NOTHING! … and also, HOW dares him say he stands for the people
    and he acts for the greater good when he is openly supporting … the TTIP,
    the greatest corporate fraud ever proposed by evil-minded globocrats!!!!
    The British public needed to see he is just another sociopath, he is a

  8. Sane Ben says:

    I like Ed and I think he is the best of the bunch! If the Tory ‘ s get in
    power again then we can kiss the NHS goodbye!!! I think Labour will get my
    vote and I don’t want a Coalition again.

  9. Pete Venner says:

    Hey Russell – Hope you’re going to get Adam Walker of the BNP in for an
    interview before the polls open… You can’t be seen to be only having
    establishment party politicians on The Trews!

    PS: They are the only party that I know of with actual plans to reign in
    the financial sector & end debt-based currency.

  10. Marius Irgens says:

    Russel Brand should be Prime Minister.

  11. ukraine200 says:

    Ah Ed wearing a blue tie. The irony 

  12. Peter Caires says:

    Milliband seemed to adopt the ‘yeah we’ll get it done but I won’t say how’
    attitude, not sure if that’s because of the format of the interview, or
    just plain dishonesty.

  13. Matthew Miller says:

    A couple of hypocritical multi-millionaires talking shite and trying to be
    relevant to each other. Brand is beyond embarrassment, and Miliband
    likewise. Labour will wreck the economy if they somehow get into power,
    and doubly so if propped up by the SNP. The way Red Ed tried to talk
    ‘norf lundan’ speak. “it ain;t gonna be eeezee” is embarrassing… give
    it a break you useless, dangerous, weak back-stabbing cockwomble. Don’t
    agree with all their policies, but I feel a vote for the Conservatives is
    the right thing to do for our country for the next 5 years. If they don’t
    deliver, then we can reassess, but they surely deserve the chance after
    what is globally recognized as having done a great job after Labour left a
    car-crash of an economy, despite being handcuffed to Clegg and his morons
    in the LibDems. The vast majority of hard working people in the UK believe
    in voting for a party that is going to look after them, not people who vote
    for a living and live on benefits, and who feed on the politics of envy
    that the Labour PR machine spews out constantly….this is the Tories.
    Labour are a joke. Balls Miliband, Cooper, Harman….my god, we voted them
    out for being totally incompetent 5 years ago, you want to vote them back
    in again? n thanks.

  14. You “me” Tube says:

    Disappointing, the Tories NEED to go, but if the new government is as
    complacent then there will be no change.

  15. filmiggy says:

    thhat politician is so much bullshit, i can tell from 10000 kms away, wich
    i am

  16. ThatAtheistGuy20 says:

    Russel did you mention equal pay for men and women at the beginning of your

    Why do people keep touting this as fact. men and women already get payed
    the same for the same work. its already illegal to pay men and women
    different amounts.Where re you getting this idea that men earn more than

  17. Most Valuable Pig says:

    “It *ain’t* gonna be like that.”

  18. Jamie MacDonald says:

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. Fair play to Ed
    Miliband, I think he did great here on so many levels. Great questions from
    Russell also. Jolly good show 

  19. jonoandthehunt says:

    Governments should be subject to annual performance reviews by a public
    watchdog. If they aren’t doing what they promised to do in their election
    campaigns they should face the possibility of a flash election.


    It’s hard to speak in front of Rassel Brand on a scripted route.