Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson 2023

Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson 2023


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Timecodes 00:00
4 Hours Earlier 00:22
The First Conspiracy Theory 01:48
Fall Down The Rabbit Hole 07:52
Pistachio Theory 08:43
Walmart Theory 11:02
Trader Joes Theory 12:28
Starbucks Theory 13:29
Juice Theory 15:15
Aldi Theory 16:46
Wedding and Baby Update! 17:57
Taco Bell Theory 18:51
Cereal Theory 21:29
Dollar Store Theory 23:01
The Biggest Knockoffs 24:40
The Bread Theory 28:44
Walmart Knock Offs 31:30
Grocery Store Conspiracy Theories 32:58
The Secret Location 35:58
The Set Up 39:19
The Big Test 41:32
Cheetos Theory 42:28
Doritos Theory 44:49
Pop Tarts Theory 46:50
The Final Theory 47:58
The Finale 53:37

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28 Responses

  1. shane says:

    This video was so much fun to make. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it can make you laugh, get scared, or just feel something. Thats why I started making videos so long ago and I’m so grateful I get to still make them today :’)) Thanks for sticking with me and showing so much love. I can’t put into words how appreciative I am. <3

  2. Jimmy G says:

    Shane, PLEASE PLEASE keep making conspiracy videos. Your conspiracy videos are my favorite YouTube videos of all time.

  3. Julianne Malene says:

    I’m a barista and during our barista course they told us during our training that brands get tea from the same batch at the same machines. And the reason some brands are higher quality is because they get the good whole leaves and the cheaper companies get the damaged leaves. If you want to know if your tea is “good” is to see if there’s any specs of tea leaves in the bottom of your cup at the end of brewing. If there’s specs it means it’s “bad”

  4. YourLocalLatina says:

    This is giving me 2019 vibes and I love it 😭 PLEASE DO MORE LIKE THIS! It actually blew my mind

  5. Sheryl Campbell says:

    Definitely eye opening for consumers. I worked for DoorDash and that is how I found out restaurants were doing this! I was confused when it said Just wings and sent me to Chili’s! I was like I didn’t know there was a wing place in my town here. I drive to the address and it’s Chili’s! I was like wtf is going on here.

    • Paige Goodmurphy says:

      During Covid a lot of restaurants had to close, or some restaurants wanted to share the cost of running a kitchen. Companies would rent kitchen space off of bigger restaurants. Bring their own food and use their own recipes but share the fridges, fryers, appliances.

    • Moma Soto says:

      Omg I literally went through this when I saw that exact restaurant and I knew the area and was like I’ve never seen that it’s just chilis.

  6. merlyn thankachan says:

    Shane, please never forget that you still have loyal fans. You look amazing, you seem really happy, we are all proud of you. You’re conspiracy videos truly brighten up my day so please continue to make them ❤❤❤

  7. Dionne Appuhamyge says:

    Omg this episode was so good. I was shook with the sandwich slices theory. This is gonna make me read the labels more carefully before buying any product.

  8. shaktituras says:

    21 seconds in and already Ryland is shook. If Ryland is shook, I’m shook.

  9. Ana Garcia says:

    I love how Shane just says “Chris ima blindfold you” and he trusts him so much Chris just says “ok 🙂” 🤣🤣

  10. Erikah Pacheco says:

    When I say I was shocked and laughed so hard at this video, I mean I’m dying because it’s unbelievable. I freakin love your videos Shane. Keep them coming !!!! Ryland is sooooo me 😂

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