Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky…

Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky…

Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky…

👍 40,000 Likes? (I’m still doing pushups for last vid)

👉 Thumbnail Inspo: @Wisp

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36 Responses

  1. EvilOverlord224 says:

    Day one of helping Cahriid with Minecraft, but you can craft a grilled cheese x36

  2. Cahriid says:

    nestor, you know we’re going to make fun of you for breaking a diamond block with a gold pickaxe.

  3. Painful says:


  4. That one egg1 says:

    Day 9 of asking Nestor to make diamond bread bread bread x36

  5. Legendary Craft says:

    Day 10 of asking Nestor to make a hot pick x36

  6. MrJagsterS says:

    40k likes but 100k on screen WHICH DO WE AIM FOR?! 😦

  7. SamosaGaming says:

    When Nestor got the battle stratigist I got instant popularMMO’s vibes

  8. BoyThatLikesRoblox :3 says:

    His voice is so chill and scary for me(idk why)

  9. Nitrate YT says:

    nester: every mob is lucky
    Ender dragon: luck is on my side boy..

  10. Turtlez says:

    “Have I killed a sheep yet?”
    Legit has wool in his inventory

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