Minecraft but you can Mine mobs

Minecraft but you can Mine mobs

Mining mobs in Minecraft brings a whole new challenge to the game! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.

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This is Minecraft but you can mine mobs. First, you have to get cobblestone to turn into pebbles. These can be thrown at mobs to stun them so you can mine them. After you mine three of a mob, you can turn them into a pickaxe. The chicken pickaxe lets you float to the ground instead of falling, while the sheep pickaxe drops wool everytime you mine. The villager pickaxe gives you Hero of the Village and amazing trades and the spider pickaxe even lets you climb walls. Of course, as you advance, you need stronger materials to stun mobs. While pebbles may work on passive mobs, coal is needed for neutral mobs, iron for hostile mobs, and even diamond for some of the strongest mobs. These stronger mobs include the Iron Golem, whose pickaxe launches whatever you attack, and the Ravager, whose pickaxe has a roar attack. Even the Ender Dragon can be turned into a pickaxe, which will mine any blocks you walk towards. Which pickaxe was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Minecraft but you can Mine mobs

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21 Responses

  1. Ultra gamer says:

    “There’s nothing stronger than ravagers other than the ender dragon “
    Wither boss: am I a joke to you

  2. Szymon Milaszewicz says:

    Fire staff crafting recipe: 2 sticks then, a magma block on top of the sticks: damage 10 : special ability shoots fire balls : can set fire to everything in an 100 block radius

  3. Whats Life Though. says:

    Idk why but feel pitiful for the mobs and cursed for my eyes….

  4. DollieIsHere Fan says:

    *lands in water with ender pickaxe*
    Where did my pickaxe go?

  5. Ashley Smith says:

    7:23 Tyler said : I need 1 more creeper. creeper: you called me

  6. Maximo Zweers says:

    LOL i didn’t realize you had the 1.17 snapshot

  7. fatih says:

    2:48 best moment in all Minecraft history

  8. Juliette Jones says:

    have you ever thought of making a wither boss army agents a custom mob boss?

  9. Alex Valdes Alanis says:

    Me reading the title: Wait a minute.

  10. Parker Keener says:

    “There’s nothing stronger than a ravager other than the ender dragon “
    Sad wither noises

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