Miranda Lambert – Vice

Miranda Lambert – Vice

Get Miranda Lambert’s new single “Vice” now http://smarturl.it/mlvice

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20 Responses

  1. Brasil Braps says:

    fãs Brasileiros aqui ?

  2. Po E Duff says:

    The ending is like prequel to Two Black Cadillacs of Carrie Underwood lol

  3. Giovana Maria says:

    “When it hurts this good you gotta play it twice….” OR A THOUSAND TIMES

  4. FACES by Cait B says:

    Any girls watching this thinking, “I bet that’s Champagne Pop”? :D

  5. Chelcie Lynn says:

    Damn this girl is good!

  6. karly.jk says:

    perfectly flawed.. only she can make that possible

  7. TAYA says:

    love, love LOVE the song, but I don’t understand the video lol

  8. Ashley Teague says:

    Am I the only one that wants to go pick up that leather jacket?

  9. Lauren Jennings says:

    When you can’t wait to watch it so you watch while walking to class

  10. starrchild851 says:

    Miranda Lambert is BACK! This video most likely describes where she is in
    her life right now.The beginning with the wreck ( her marriage). By the
    end, she finds a NEW beginning. Good video.

  11. Jennifer McKee says:

    Stupid psyched to see her Saturday! #KeeperOfTheFlame

  12. Angelo Rinaldi says:

    Good song and good video. I am looking forward to the album.

  13. Rebecca Jones says:

    Oh my god! It’s so about time this goldmine has it’s own video. Thank you
    Miranda! Love ya!

  14. Kelly Renee says:

    I would’ve loved if it was Carrie Underwood in the back of the car at the
    end! cause it is very interesting how it ended like Two Black Cadillacs!

  15. sylvia clayton says:

    So everyone mostly music critics thought this was about adult relations
    when the videos about her always roaming and not knowing where she fits in
    anymore after what happened with Blake? Is that the meaning behind this
    song? It’s the meaning I get from it that she doesn’t know where she fits
    the only thing she knows is goodbye very much understandable and relatable

  16. patstar5 says:

    Another reason not to drink and drive….

  17. john capone says:

    Very nice, great song, beautifully shot, a car wreck depicting a one night
    stand, Miss Randi at the Crossroads, driverless car. And boy does she look

  18. Miranda Lambert Fanpage says:


  19. Saul Feldman says:

    was this an advertisement for a self driving cadillac cts???

  20. Josh R says:

    What is she saying in the background? It sounds like “I am”