Miss Universe 2018 Crowning Moment Full

Miss Universe 2018 Crowning Moment Full

Miss Universe 2018 is… Catriona Gray from the Philippines.

The 2018 MISS UNIVERSE® Competition airs LIVE December 16 at 7pm ET from Bangkok, Thailand on FOX.

Learn more about the competition at http://www.missuniverse.com

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Year: 2018

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55 Responses

  1. Monch Frane says:

    She wore a universe costume with flaming lava.

  2. ꧁JEFF꧂ says:


    Congratulations for a very well-deserved win! ??????

  3. Adi Yesaya says:

    BIGGG Love from INDONESIA ????

  4. star salazar says:

    She nailed it! She conquered the universe! ????????

  5. Chrstl Joy Denoso says:

    Thank you for bringing back the crown to our country❤We love you Cat?? MISS UNIVERSE 2018 CATRIONA ELISA GRAY??

  6. Ericka Pineda says:

    Y nunca pusieron la transmisión en vivo

  7. Rhea Venice Garcia says:

    You brought our culture and country on your back, you’re not just a beauty but a beuty with a heart. You walk there with your head up high and raised our flag. You literally brought Philippines in the whole Universe. Thank you Ms Catriona Gray! ??

  8. AnDrEs FeLiPe SaNcHeZ says:


  9. Danex Pinoy says:

    Congratulatins Catriona Gray! MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!! ??????

  10. Sydney G says:

    MUST admit that Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray was REEEAALLLYYY on her A-game for the entire Miss Universe 2018 competition … I DON’T mind at that She has indeed WON IT ALL #Crown Well done, Cat and BEST of Luck with Your Reign!!! ???????????????

  11. Alberto Baguio says:


  12. Hi Bish says:

    Go Catriona Gray. Philippines reign. shame on those 2 hosts who did not mention her as one of the top 3. but here she is, slayin’ for the gods. Congratulations Philippines!

  13. Brachial Plexus says:

    I just know she’s going to make it. the most popular miss universe in history , ever !!!

  14. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Miss Venezuela should’ve been 1st finalist

  15. Good Vibes says:

    in my opinion this is the best TOP 2 ever in Miss Universe History… Congratulation Miss Philippines <3 and also congrats Miss South Africa for becoming the first runner up <3

  16. Paola Santos Chauca says:

    Esto ya estaba cantado, desde que Catriona llegó ya lo sabía, tanto show … Fueron muy obvios, todo el tiempo demostraron su favoritismo hacia ella, estaba en todas! . Y su top 20 dió a entender que era mejor dejar de lado a muchas que merecían estar ahí para no opacar a Catriona. En el top 5 no ingreso Canadá, en el top 3 dejaron de lado a Puerto Rico . Esto estaba cantado, no tengo nada en contra de Catriona pero esto fue puro show para coronarla a ella sin que tuviera fuertes rivales a su lado y no fuera opacada. En fin… Miss Universe está dejando de escoger a la mujer más bella y empoderada. Prefieren a la más popular y la que más venda… En fin…

  17. SuperJhong says:

    I love that even the 3 Host/Commentators are obviously trying to close there Eyes on Kat’s Greatness., She did not faltered and believed thats she’s doing the Best that Brought out more of her Confidence. And next time, please orient the 3 of them not say “I dont like… “, “Im not a fan of her….” blah blah to the Contingents specially during the gown cause its ruining their Confidence. We’re here to Celebrate their Beauty not to Please the Asshole Host Asses. That was very Rude not to give attention Miss U. Anyway, Congrats Miss Philippines. ?????

  18. blacktooth says:

    I worked a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila; and the life there is very – it’s poor, and it’s very sad. And I always taught myself to look for the beauty in it – to look for the beauty of the faces of the children; and to be grateful. And I would bring this aspect as a Miss Universe to see situations with the silver lining. And to assess where I could give something, where I could provide something as a spokesperson. And this I think if I could teach also people to be grateful we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face.

    Catriona Gray – Miss Universe 2018

    Notice the stunning visual light effects at the background, its RED with GOLD that suits on her winning moments <3

  19. Pun iiz says:

    Congratulations with you miss Philippines ?? from Thailand ??

  20. Paula Egar says:

    Some Latina fans outbursts because their standard of beauty is Latina beauty. I have never seen any negative comments from asians tho, particularly Thai and Viet Nam fans. SE asians just embrace diversity and are happy for each others’ victory, that’s it ?

    • Sophie Leia R says:

      +Lisa really Lisa??? South Africa and Australia are of mixed blood, don’t you know that??? Jamaica is clearly not 100% african. All latinas are not 100% european because they are of mixed spanish/portuguese, native south american or african blood. The top 3 are NOT of any pure race btw! If whites are really better, then why did they not win??? They had to classified only for geographical purposes because the countries they represent are located there, and of course they live or at least know the countries they represent.

    • Bejewel says:

      @Lisa ??? all you can say is lmao because it’s proven that you are bitter lmao ???

    • bb z says:

      This kind of beauty contest is total BS! Anyone with a brain would know it’s all fake and superficial BS

    • Hi Hi says:

      +Bejewel As if Filipinos are so gracious. Whenever their girl doesn’t win they throw a fit and if Catriona didn’t win we would never hear the end of it.

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