Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets

Mitt Romney Reads Mean Donald Trump Tweets

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney reads some mean tweets written about him by Donald Trump and his supporters.

Deleted Scene from “Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel –

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20 Responses

  1. Tobiasz N says:

    i see that stupid media in USA do everything against Donald Trump

  2. Tampa Recording says:

    People don’t understand the genius that is Mitt Romney: He is the perfect
    fall guy and professional election crasher.

  3. Leopardmask says:

    …Why did I even read the comments section. Never read the comments on any
    video that’s even slightly political.

  4. CM F says:

    Funny how Romney thinks he is relevant. Funny how Romney lost to Obama.
    Funny how Romney is a hypocrite. Romney cannot think that fast….Kimmel’s
    crew gave him the comments in advance so someone else could write the
    response…now that is funny!

  5. james delaurier says:

    There’s no good candidates beside kenum or whatever his name is left

  6. Joe says:

    Never liked Mitt Romney but I’d take him over Trump any day

  7. fallen nova says:


  8. Catherine Jarman says:

    Romney, Nasty Jew World Order puppet.

  9. Douglas Stormborn says:

    What a loser, go back to your Cult Romney!

  10. Vitalia Espinosa says:

    Trump is hungry for power and does not know how to run a country,
    sure he is a great bussiness man but that is all. People are overwhelmed
    and hypnotized by his manner and persona and thus approve of him and
    support him because of that. WAKE UP AMERICA and truly think for yourself
    and dont let a master manupulator work his way to the white house by
    mesmerizing you with all his repetitive mind control garbage.
    Rubio is the best obvious choice for precidency by far, but the problem is
    he does not have the popular vote from americans.
    So please, make sure you place an educated vote for your homestate, knowing
    that the future of america relies on these conglomerate and unified
    Let me know your thoughts and opinions and support with a THUMBS UP and a
    COMMENT below…

  11. Make America Great Again #TrumpTrain #Trump2016 says:


  12. LtZondaMod says:

    Mitt Romney knows what he’s talking about even though I don’t like what he
    did to his dog

  13. Lucas Fall says:


  14. Marc Garza says:

    douchebag. loser..whos the fuckin egomaniac?

  15. Nicky P. says:

    mitt romney is hot.

  16. Winston Smith84 says:

    Jimmy…. what can I say for you to comprehend in a few words which your
    brain can process at same time?Mitt what adult man reads on stage from
    paper given to him some tweets made by third parties with attempt to
    discredit so far the most popular GOP candidate since RR and feel good
    about himself — what a shame – I wonder how many times during your
    campaign you had people waiting in line for 10+ hours to see you speak?
    What a sore looser you are – and now you becoming a slime with no
    character…..and less than pennyweight of decency

  17. Evan Cordova says:

    I like this mitt, it is very entertaining ha.

  18. tscarable says:

    Mitt could have won this election.

  19. Robin Galyardt (AceBadguy) says:

    Today I watched an old ” Unnecessary Censorship ” episode from 10-8-15 on
    my DVR that showed Trump bragging about something . The bleeped words
    appear to make him say ” I’ve got the world’s biggest [ dick ] , no one has
    got a [ dick ] bigger than mine ! ” Jimmy Kimmel truly is Nostradamus .

  20. Delray58 says:

    Sad that the former GOP candidate is willing to humiliate himself on
    liberal media to go after Trump, a man’s whose endorsement and money he
    proudly and gladly accepted in 2012. Just goes to show how desperate the
    elites are to stop Trump. How quickly he forgets this same media
    relentlessly mocked him and supported Obama in 2012.