Moments after Raw went off the air – WWE Top 10

Moments after Raw went off the air – WWE Top 10

Not even the longest-running episodic series in television history can contain all the excitement of WWE. Count down the 10 most memorable moments to occur after Raw went off the air.
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20 Responses

  1. Eric Burton says:

    They’ve been showing a lot of Jeff Jarrett lately.

  2. Nick Crompton says:

    Roman and Seth. Roman and ambrose. Seth and ambrose. Just bring them back already WWE.

  3. Bilal Sajjad says:

    3:42 – 3:45 – Watch at 0.5 speed. That kick was fake AF. xD

  4. elmariogera says:

    Even wwe does clickbait
    Should have put top 10 in the beginning of the title

  5. BuyBuy Chill says:

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  6. Mia Munoz says:

    wwe is not real

  7. Edward Bowers says:

    the shields break up was on air moron

  8. Lonzo Heggins says:

    Ugh i hate the rock

  9. Angel's Arrow says:

    bring back the old sheamus …

  10. CasualK Gaming says:

    1:23 wtf is ric flair doing to him look at his hand

  11. boss boy says:

    Anyone subscribe me and comment done I will subscribe you guys with 2 account god promise

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    really really a good one!

  13. KingHazSkills says:

    I don’t know… Everything that is WWE always looks like an act rather than an actual fight…

  14. Walter Petersen says:

    What about the four on one beatdown on reigns

  15. Dean Ambrose says:

    How did Enzo not notice Braun’s theme?

  16. Sentinel HDD says:

    Where the hell is “NXT destroys John Cena and WWE Arena”?????

  17. HATiM says:

    Triple H GONE. (CHECK)
    Batista GONE. (CHECK)
    Shawn Michaels GONE. (CHECK)
    Sting GONE. (CHECK)
    Rey Mysterio GONE. (CHECK
    Goldberg GONE. (CHECK)
    The Rock GONE. (CHECK)
    Steve Austin GONE. (CHECK)
    Chris Jericho GONE. (CHECK)
    Edge GONE. (CHECK)
    Randy Orton. (Turned Into Trash)
    Undertaker GONE. (CHECK)
    CM Punk GONE. (CHECK)
    John Cena GOING SOON. (CHECK)
    Brock Lesnar GOING SOON. (CHECK)
    Well done WWE, And now what? We are getting hype for the shield vs miztourage? Haha. Nice joke WWE you made a very nice joke of all those roots of this company and now we are getting shield back just for ratings 🙂

  18. Bobby Gilbert says:

    Wait is that drax the destroyer

  19. Bryan W says:

    WWE has been on trending like 3 or 4 times this week i think

  20. sexy monkey says:

    Lmao to the guy who had his face in the bigshow junk

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