Mo’Nique On Why She’s Calling For A Netflix Boycott | The View

Mo’Nique On Why She’s Calling For A Netflix Boycott | The View

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90 Responses

  1. Nett W says:

    She looks great and her makeup is on point

  2. Erin Bailey says:

    Monique looks great.

  3. Angelo Ferrior says:

    Monique is looking good!!! She’s always been pretty but she is just getting better and better

  4. Eccentric_ m3 says:

    Her career may not be poppin, but at least her skin and her edges are! you look good mo.

  5. YepItsThatGuy says:

    Girl I’m 100% there with you, I get it but at her age she should know better about how to pick her battles. She’s clearly very eloquent all we all know that when you play the race or gender card you better be completely solid with your claims. HOWEVER, a boycott of Netflix?! Girl please take a breath and think. this isn’t helping the cause as much as she might think. She should have addressed the issue more calmly and with more conviction. As POC, we’re already branded as dramatic and always willing to play the race card in any situation so it sucks to see a great opportunity to raise awareness and fight back being taken to the extremes. I support her right to make her own decisions but that doesn’t make it the right one.

  6. Chyna doll says:

    Until we’ve walked in Monique’s shoes we need to hold all the negative comments. When black women start standing for ourselves we are called β€œtrouble makers”. When white women stand up for themselves it’s called β€œ women’s rights”. lol when are black women going to stop being told to β€œstand in back of the line or sit in the back of bus.” It’s remind of how were told to work hard , get a good education, and everything else will fall into place . No one tells u that because of undercover racism u still may not break that glass ceiling as a black women. Smdh

    • wuzzy says:

      Chyna doll and I believe everything that Monique says. the crazy thing is she can explain herself over and over again and people only want to see the negative side of this entire situation

    • alamoja says:

      Stfu. This has nothing to do with her being black.

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      alamoja Somebody done told you wrong; it had everything to do with her being black and big.

    • Andrea Ledet says:

      +Dj Ron A True great points Monique still hasn’t learned how to play the game in Hollywood there are many sacrifices you have to make to launch a solid career in Hollywood plus her husband is holding her back from flourishing in her career she should have taken the bone thrown at her by Netflix and did the special to turn her career around to make a huge comeback

  7. Lady Spencer says:

    She has a valid point

  8. Shawn Wiley says:

    Monique is getting what we call Karma. She tries to manipulate the situation to make it benefit her in herself alone. Putting other people’s names and other movements in her conversation that always ends up back to how much money she wants and how much money she thinks she deserves put asses in the seats and then you will get your money.

  9. Mike Fleet says:

    I’m a big fan of Mo’nique’s acting but haven’t heard her stand up in years. She is not relevant therefore does not deserve big money.

    Wanda Sykes only being offered $250,000 is an outrage

    • 3dakainsane says:

      You cant say that without knowing what Wanda Sykes brings in. Thats the biggest factor in calculating a number like that. Wanda much like Monique is cold. If Netflix only grosses 300k theyre probably not meeting the margins they want and may pass on it altogether, and see giving you the special as an unnecessary risk or money better spent on other comics/ promoting stuff people are actually going to stream ie not Monique or Wanda.

    • Kayla Howard says:

      And thats what shes saying she hasnt been able to work due to not cooperating with Oprah but she does do shows and they sell out pretty quick in the Comedy circuit

  10. Rashawn Campbell says:

    Monique should have accepted.. And showed them she could pull in a crowd THEN GO BACK AND RENEGOTIATE

    • T J says:

      Rashawn Campbell Exactly. They are in business to *make* money. This ain’t charity. πŸ˜‚ Now she walked away empty-handed and companies may be reluctant to work with her in the future because of her shenanigans. If she was blacklisted before from Hollywood, and Netflix is giving her a platform, she is foolish to not humbly accept. Especially since she is kind of climbing her way back into the mainstream. This was not a good move.

    • Kisha Preston says:


  11. Gift for Gab says:

    So let me get this straight. She is complaining about being offered half a million dollars? I wish someone would offer me half a mil. Where do I sign?

  12. Inca1980 says:

    I still love Monique crazy or not she’s telling the truth

  13. Simone Pringle says:

    She didn’t get what the other comedians were offered because she is not as relevant as them at this point in time.

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      Eaque Johnson ignorant black man who refused to investigate and find out all the facts before they run they mouth. Queens of Comedy was not just in America. But the mere fact that you won’t hear posting they’re just not a black-and-white issue lets me know that you need your mind renewed in your brain cleansed.

    • Melanin Goddess says:

      That moment when you realize that THEY decide who’s relevant because its no way Dave C. who I love is relevant after a 10 year hiatus. #WeGotsToDoBetter They could have just as well made Monique relevant as she most rightfully is…

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      Melanin Goddess I wish the spirit of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King ride these black people backs tonight.

    • Memememe says:

      +Melanin Goddess Look at Chris Rock’s gross over-time in terms of success. He’s brought in more money than Monique could ever imagine. He’s been in huge productions over the course of 20+ years. I guarantee the views on Moniques special wouldn’t even be a quarter of what Chris Rock’s would be.

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      Memememe Chris Rock has been booed before on stage Monique never has.

  14. Melissa Tiller says:

    Omg she’s still on this… get over it cause we’re keeping Netflix

  15. Mello Mell says:

    The BLACK WOMAN IS THE MOST UNPROTECTED & DISRESPECTED PERSON ON THIS EARTH. Mo’Nique stood for what is right. She has delivered receipts & facts & yall still choose To ignore bcuz The Big names & powers That be are always going To be The popular opinion. Mo’Nique I stand with you.

    • the blackconservative says:

      Mello Mell no the black woman is the most disrespectful woman..,black dollars with white faces

    • humming bird says:

      Julia Mimi white women and men do not have to fight and cause trouble because they typically get everything without having to fight no explanations to give. Black women always getting cheated from the jump. This only happens here in the United States in terms of racial gender bias black women always have to explain themselves and defend who they are even when they are laid back.

    • Poster Mark says:

      Actually native americans and Aborigines are

    • Andy Jacobs says:

      Do you know who disrespects black women more than any other group? Other black women. YouTube is full of black females being beyond awful to other black women. It’s a disgrace.

    • Samuel Underwood says:

      What privelage or right does any white man have that a black woman doesn’t have?
      Give me one.

  16. Champ Johnson says:

    You can tell Whoopi wanted to go in and school her on camera. Whoopi loking at her like β€œgirl you werent bullied, you didnt finish the job”!

  17. Aishwarya Net says:

    Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Dave Chappell β‰  Monique

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      Sao Pooh so, I mean stealing people jokes not coming up with her own makes her funny.

    • KingCetshwayo says:

      First Name Last Name it’s not about being funny. This is business not the welfare office.

    • Striker says:

      I had no idea who Amy Schumer is until I googled her.

    • Rich T says:

      angellique Clarke l don’t think she is funny. Plus she has no cross over appeal. This loud mouth bully mostly have a black demographic. Netflix will not make that much fucking with Monique. The bottom line is making profit.

    • Cee r says:

      Not about funny is right. Of course Schumar would get coverage big time in New York b/cause of her last name. And she is not funny. Mo’Nique I hope I didn’t hear you say you walked away from $12 mill. You’d of been set for the rest of your life, especially if you only got $50k for Precious. Something smells really bad here that nobody wants to talk about. Sort of obvious though. At least someone has principles in the business.

  18. Stacy Robinson says:

    Netflix viewed her as a “has been” , plain and simple. Where Amy is currently what is trending

  19. naledi says:

    $500.000 is much much less than 13 million dollars. I will be pissed too! However, she now has a reputation of being difficult and a complainer. She is also naming names, not a good idea.
    I love her edges though😁

    • ibetudidit23 says:

      ……..this has been addressed already but she was never offered 3 million dollars. The offer was always 500K. You are correct that she had an audition when the rep came to a couple of her shows.

    • ibetudidit23 says:

      Actually, Monique has been big in the game since Def Comedy Jam. Now may not find her funny but a lot of others based on her shows across the country begs to differ. Your admission that Wanda Sykes should be been offered more goes the fact that Monique has a point that black women are generally underpaid. They all came up together. I love all of them as comics but the women aren’t given the same opportunities as the men.

    • Raymond Lewis says:

      Naledi it is true what you say. But if I was Mo’nique I would have taken the 500, 000. The reason why is to show Netflix that she can sell out a huge venue, then complain about it. Even though I personally believe that she could not sell out a huge venue.

    • Angelique Esprit says:

      Courtney Henley I love All the ppl who you jist name but, How dare you speak Amy Schumer’s with those greats..

    • Kerenszharris Harris says:

      Courtney Henley Girl you confused; she was selling out shows when those people you named were not. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock got their butts booed at Showtime at the Apollo.

  20. Audriano Gotyè Jr. says:

    Monique quit lying and pathetically attempting to garner sympathy from the public. Your only crowning achievement is “Precious” and even the cast of that film admitted they disliked working with you throughout the entire production. You have burned bridges with various influencers and have even fabricated stories in order to pander for your own self causes. When Monique starts saying “my sista, my sweet sista” you know she’s getting ready to lie. Just give up already “sista.”

    • Hadou Khai says:

      She had her own show though. Like her name is a household name.

    • carl jaysen says:

      ok Hadou get this right? i dont know if you listen to rap music. Big Daddy Kane is considered one of the greatest legends in the genre. if he decided to do shows now he wouldn’t get as much as the bigger more “popular” artists as todays age. its all about relevancy and monique aint relevant.

    • OrieL TheeBeauty says:

      carl jaysen πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

    • Rich T says:

      Audriano Gotyè Jr. totally agree. She is a bully and a liar. This is the most relevance she had in years .

    • Melanin Goddess says:

      #AllLIES #PleaseStop many of you are sheep following the herd #WakeUp πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

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