Monster Hunter Rise – Update Ver. 2.0: Elder Dragons & Apex Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise – Update Ver. 2.0: Elder Dragons & Apex Monsters

Chameleos has returned, alongside fearsome Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters! 👅🔥🌪

Monster Hunter Rise Title Update Ver. 2.0 launches in 10 hours! FREE for all players.

👅 Chameleos
🔥 Teostra
🌪 Kushala Daora
⚔ Apex Rathalos
⚔ Apex Diablos

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57 Responses

  1. Skeletus The wise says:

    Now the trio are back together again.

  2. Rabbid Pink says:

    *I saw apex outside of rampage and my jaw dropped!*

  3. Paulius Matulevičius says:

    Honestly, apex monsters being available outside rampage quests is the best new addition.

    • Jack the Omnithere says:

      Hopefully Ibushi will join them.

    • Condor says:

      @riemaennchen I mean it’s yet to be confirmed, but if you can hunt them in normal quests now, they must have their own gear I would assume. Although I can understand if they don’t though because those deviant sets were hella strong, so either they don’t want those in the game yet, or they will be toned down

    • Sif Greyfang says:

      I just kinda hope we can make stronger weapons now with those rampage pieces instead of making rampage weapons

    • Viomint says:

      But will there be new armorsets from their parts?

    • Condor says:

      @Sif Greyfang I believe more weapon trees were confirmed so don’t worry about that

  4. h h h h h says:


  5. DL Jas says:

    “Apex Rathalos, *etc* “ There’s something else, guys. I can feel it

  6. Cabildo Sean Lenard says:

    Teostra world theme: Kneel before your emperor of flame

    Teostra rise theme: E M P E R O R J A Z Z

  7. Wesh verɪfɪed says:

    >You hunt Apex Rathian in swamp-themed area.

    Forgot what PTSD feels like. Thanks, Capcom.

    • Some Guy says:

      @Olenhol hell yeah, I picked up HH in generations just to fight Dreadqueen! Negate abnormal status just invalidates her whole gimmick.

    • Slav Knight Gael says:

      PTSD from my first rathian hunt in flooded forest back in 3U

    • Sunhallow says:

      @wamken619 please No peko. it might relate to bunny in other things but in monster hunter that is gonna result in a deviljho showing up.

    • wamken619 says:

      @Sunhallowyes peko because I was referring to OP’s picture as well

    • Prince Kanbatsu says:

      @Luca Stolter she has a lot of her moves, plus the fact that the fight will probably be rivisited for the “classic” hunts
      She will surely be a challenge without infinite carts, balistas etc. And with her focusing only on hunters rather than a wall

  8. NCHProductions says:

    ah yes, time for teostra to get back his “crown” after it got stolen by magnamalo in my animation

  9. Sly Perm says:

    Everyone: We want Apex Monster outside rampage
    CAPCOM: Here you go, masochists

  10. RedRiotRoss says:


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