Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Zinogre Trailer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Zinogre Trailer

⚡️ Zinogre is back! ⚡️ Watch gameplay of the thunder wolf wyvern, plus a roundup of the Master Rank monsters revealed for #Iceborne!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6. PC version coming January 2020.


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75 Responses

  1. SethMeadows says:

    Obviously gigginox wasn’t in the trailer because he was on top of the walls

    • Voku says:

      I’d rather have nothing to be honest. I hate Khezu so much with a passion. He and his childish meme-lord fans are the reason Gigginox never gets brought back, despite being waaaaay more fun and interesting

    • Weegeeclaus says:

      @Voku from what i know, khezu is strangly popular in Japan… I also hate khezu with a passion, but maybe they polished him.

    • Landon Wallington says:

      Voku the devs said in an interview that khezu won’t be in the game, so no, he wasnt

    • Voku says:

      @Landon Wallington
      They never said that. I have seen every interview and I can confidently say that they have never said that

  2. Player One says:

    Thank you everyone at Capcom! My GoTY 2 years in a row! ?

  3. Justin Randall says:

    SO many awesome monsters and now Zinogre! CAPCOM stop I can only get so hard.

  4. Gratuitous Lurking says:

    Iceborn? More like Monster Hunter: Flagships Unite


    AW YEA, MY MAIN MAN ZINOGRE!!! God how I missed you old friend!!!

  6. Brachyisbest says:

    anyone noticed how EPIC THE MUSIC IN THIS TRAILER IS?

  7. Jill Valentine says:

    Developers :how many monsters you want
    Capcom : YES

  8. King kobra says:

    Xeno: they noticed me!
    Capcom: we’ve stopped your weapon tree at High Rank
    Xeno: Say sike right now!

    • Chronicler J says:

      The LS tree video from weeks ago could be on an old build. It didn’t have jho or Luna’s weapon tree on it

    • KaiSigmonte says:

      They might save Master Rank Xeno’Jiva and Zorah Magadaros for Event Quests since it wouldn’t make sense to fight them in the story canonically.

    • AtomicArtumas says:

      @KaiSigmonte HR story giant elders have always just been done as random quests you unlock, usually at the end of the story for G-rank. They just randomly pop up at some point.

    • noathegod 1 says:

      What if the old everwyrm is just actual grown up xeno

    • Gillan Dale Arts says:

      For now. But i bet they’ll release other dlc monster that might make the weapon upgradeable.

  9. TigrexGamer says:

    “Who is going to be in the new expansion?”
    Capcom: “YES”

    • Darkfunnel says:

      @Sancre Glad I am not the only one who wants Gore Magala to come back and break shit xD

    • Hussain Abdullah says:

      I frikin love the monster hunter team and Capcom!!!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Keep up the good work. I hope Capcom wins developer of the year again!!!!!!!

    • Rock Nerd says:

      @Ramz Sanchez Considering Alatreon seems to share the same skeleton as Velkhana and was rumored to come at a later date its possible he could show up.

    • Ryder Steel says:

      Capcom: “That means you lazy fucks as well.”

      *Screen pans over to the MH frontier EDs*

  10. Krescentwolf says:

    New MH Mission: Light em’ up

    1x Zinogre
    1x Kirin
    1x Fulgur Anjanath
    All in the Arena.


  11. HappiestSadGuy says:

    I’m happy for those who wanted him in since world first launched

  12. Lee D Sin says:

    Finally! The best *THUNDER BOI* is back!
    * *Happy Guitar Noise*

  13. Klapaucius says:

    im saving my money for october, no need to rush buyin this expansion.

    Sees Thunder Doggo

    Nope, im ordering it right now

  14. Francisco Novas says:

    All I want is goremagala and then this will be my favorite monster hunter game

  15. Henry Lucas says:

    Man, after all the crappy “aaa” title releases recently, your still here making quality content since ps2, you got me for ya dlc, thats for sure

  16. frankie cutlass says:

    This isnt a DLC its a whole new game! Well done Capcom. Would it be up for GOTY cuz you have my vote already.

    • Kyle Stanley says:

      Like they said, the content arriving in this expansion is going to rival the amount of content in the base game. So far, it honestly looks like the weren’t kidding.

    • Spurdo says:

      @Kyle Stanley that’s probably because it’s an expansion and not a dlc.

    • zecuse says:

      World is my first Monster Hunter that I played for more than a few days, but I’ve looked up older games and their “expansions” released as full games. It’s not too surprising how many monsters we’re getting.

  17. EPIC SAWIKI says:

    I’m legit blown away by the amount of content in this DLC…

  18. Late Sleeper says:

    If you listen carefully, you should hear Khezu’s theme in the end of the video.

  19. Chaddington Finnland says:

    Besides Zinogre, it’s nice seeing the new Master Rank monster moves.

  20. Wookie Clarke says:

    Anyone else notice that Kirin never had a cutscene
    Now call me crazy but, Rajang?

    • Kyle Stanley says:

      After zinogre, I really want Rajang lol

    • McbubbabathOG says:

      Wookie Clarke interesting how they gave Kirin a cutscene, theory it could be one of two things, either they want to do every monster cinematic justice or they showcase Kirin now because he might get stomped by something shocking. Rajang are known to hunt Kirin.

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