Monstermax 1’s New Replacement

Monstermax 1’s New Replacement

We bought Cleetus McFarlands old mud truck to replace monstermax one. But we found a few weak links pretty quick 😀😂 The good thing is there’s always a replacement monster truck. #MM1

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30 Responses

  1. Cleetus McFarland says:

    I did tell Cody “However if you put monster truck tires on it it will break” but I’m still bummed it broke so fast. Just too much leverage for those axles. We jumped it, bogged it, etc. never let me down before. If you want me to help fix it you know I’m down 🇺🇸

  2. ThatOneRandom Ginger says:

    *“Will not break”*

    *WhistlinDiesel slowly rubs hands together

  3. Calvin West says:

    Honesty, the groundhogs played a serious factor in me leaving a like.

  4. Anthony Picciano says:

    I’m absolutely shocked he didn’t run this truck over with the bigger truck…

  5. 9thgenempire 405 says:

    *Cleetus* “It will not break”

    *WhistlinDiesel* “BRING ME THE GROUNDHOGS!”

  6. Honey Badger says:

    When the truck axle breaks, I’m getting serious “I gotta lie, I’m pretty impressed” vibes.

  7. Royan Prayogo says:

    “All i need to is break the axle to fix the gauges” -WhistlinDiesel 2021

  8. Oliver Heldak says:

    There are 3 things everyone likes on this channel:
    1. Trucks
    2. Offroading
    3. Destruction

  9. ShadowWarrior_69 says:

    Cleetus: uses truck for a while and doesn’t break
    Cody: uses truck for 5 minutes and breaks it
    That’s just impressive 😀

  10. Diego Quintero says:

    *points at dent on tail*
    “That wasn’t there before”
    *cleetus reluctantly making the dent at the behest of Whistlin’*

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