Mook Boy “Juvy” Starring Danielle Bregoli (WSHH Exclusive)

Mook Boy “Juvy” Starring Danielle Bregoli (WSHH Exclusive)

“Juvy” by Mook Boy starring Danielle Bregoli
Directed & Edited by @Glassface & Shot by Russell Fraser
Stream “Juvy” now at
Juvy produced by Santana Banga


Snapchat= RealBhadBhabie


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20 Responses

  1. DING dr. DONG says:

    Fuck this shit and fuck Trump!!!

  2. Triplachet says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came here to dislike
    And so did you.

  3. Underclass Legend says:


  4. Matthew Sullivan says:

    Glassface, quit your job. This trashy music video makes it clear you don’t have a single ounce of talent. Who puts Trump, Putin, and Harambe in a music video? If anyone is in their right mind they will never hire utter trash like you to direct. Fuck you. By the way, the disgraceful little girl in this garbage deserves a therapist, not fame.

  5. Jakavionn Brazil says:

    About to get more dislikes then Call of Duty Infinite Warfare .

  6. Marco Watts says:

    How you say you real but got this 13 year old fake thug all in your video.

  7. nick gutierrez says:

    Oh great two dead memes

  8. Zoekid305 says:

    When u look at the ratings, and u see more dislikes than likes?

  9. Yo Ma says:

    came. disliked. left

  10. Kelley ralston says:

    So many people hatin on Danielle. Meanwhile she already made history AND made ya’ll mad as hell. NAME ONE GIRL WHO APPEARED ON A RAP VIDEO FULLY CLOTHED AND DIDN’T TALK, TWERK OR SAY SHIT AND GOT POSTED ON WORLD STAR TWICE WITH HELLA VIEWS.

    I’ll wait.

    Hating on Danielle so severely meanwhile all these butt naked, butt implanted thots in every single rap video don’t get talked about, spreading their cheeks wide open for a check. Smh.

  11. Nadnerb says:

    this girl is fucking cancer

  12. Healthy Crack Head says:

    When your trying to stretch that 15 min fame

  13. Pumpum says:

    This is America. Where a painfully stupid girl is lifted up like a god by the equally stupid people of this country. This is not funny. This is sad, but what is even sadder is that no one seems to recognize this.

  14. eagoll267 says:

    Stop making stupid people famous…

  15. jsnification says:

    ratchet slut.

  16. Prodigal-Saiyan says:

    Its a shame shes so cute, and yet such a piece of trash.

  17. Van Film says:

    My YouTube channel has better content. Just saying

  18. AJ R says:

    Would of been a good video if that brat wasn’t in it

  19. Broke Boi says:

    Gonna dislike but I’d still smash

  20. Matt B. says:

    So society decides to make a girl famous for disrespecting her mother and being a bitch. Great…

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