Mortal Kombat 11 – Official TV Spot

Mortal Kombat 11 – Official TV Spot

What do you fight for?

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71 Responses

  1. JFR says:

    This reminds me of the old Mk Deception Ads showing Mileena vs Baraka for some reason…love it.

  2. MKF30 says:

    Would pay to see a full 3 hour movie in theatres that looked like this.

  3. fvpbz54 says:

    Yo momma so ugly, Scorpion said…


  4. Jack 77 says:

    KITANA AND SCORPION……….and shao kahn if you give us money right now.
    not a single trailer without Shao Kahn sitting on his throne giggeling at me like “pre order the game already loser”

  5. John SLAUGHTER says:

    KITANA!!! YES THANK YOU! plz show moves now

  6. HeFockingLeftTheBand says:

    Kitana out here looking regal, beautiful and fierce. My eyes have been blessed. ??

    • HeFockingLeftTheBand says:

      Alpha Sinner you take that back. I have seen many gorgeous dark skin girls.

    • Alpha Sinner says:

      +HeFockingLeftTheBand only light skin black females are sexy like rihanna and zendaya. Dark skin black women look like men

    • HeFockingLeftTheBand says:

      Ange Zepp same! and i can’t wait to see how she plays.

    • Instinct FGC says:

      +Paulafan5 You social injustice warriors are equally as snowflake as the very few sjws like anita sarkeesian. They literally dont exist besides her but teenagers nowadays think its edgy to circlejerk in comments and constantly talk about a almost non existent sjw boogieman… pathetic .

    • HeFockingLeftTheBand says:

      Alpha Sinner lemme just say this… we as a society are conditioned by western culture to idealise light skin and see only white looking people as the standard of beauty. I’m guilty of this but I’m aware of it. Plus, I’m talking about everyday dark skin women who I’ve seen. Not rich celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya who know how to look good with makeup, professional lighting and expensive clothing.

  7. Chris Lopez says:

    The heir of the Edenian Throne, Empress of the Netherrealm, Queen Kitana Khan ?

  8. Cristian Ramos says:

    Welcome back to Scorpion vs the world! This week we have scorpion vs Kitana!

    Tune in next week as we explore scorpions next opponent

  9. rashad0026 says:

    Love Kitana’s MK11 model. Absolutely stunning.

    • That Blue Gentleman _ says:

      +Donkey Kong mexican is not a race lol

    • Donkey Kong says:

      +That Blue Gentleman _ you know what I mean

    • Donkey Kong says:

      +Jade well what do you think she looks like my friends are fighting about what she looks more like

    • B. Dunn says:

      +Donkey Kong 1) how retarded are you from a scale from 1-10?
      2) Jade’s Asian too (South Asian more likely)

    • Jade says:

      Donkey Kong jade resembles a young Indian woman with a hint of black and Peuto rican. Kind of looks like Zoe Saldana but I’d say she resembled an Indian woman more. People say she’s full black woman but she never was, Tanya was the edenian that resembled a black female edenian in the series.

  10. Ian Spasian says:

    everyone talking about Kitana but my son Scorpion looking hella sexy

  11. Koloshow says:

    Kitana didn’t even look CGI to me at first, dang.

    • Fiego's Stop motion says:

      M. Sami the graphics remind me of injustice 2

    • i can't think of a good username says:

      +M. Sami you’re actually wrong, those aren’t even ingame graphics and they do in fact look great in game but this is a CGI trailer. The lighting has nothing to do and the game looks even better than that mess Fallout 76 for example

    • WWeRockFan1001 says:

      DarkMen701 imagine a movie with this good ass cgi

    • Ken Chan says:

      Fiego’s Stop motion everything reminds u of injustice 2 this is getting old stop it dude mk11 looks nothing like injustice 2

    • Ken Chan says:

      i can’t think of a good username how can u compare mk to that Fallout trash it’s a plain insult!

  12. Shafiq Iqmal says:

    anybody else thought of seeing glimpses of kitana’s gameplay?

  13. comprende mis white lines says:


  14. Victoria Lana says:

    Let’s talk about how Ed Boon got tired of scorpion with sub zero fights.

  15. MissxLiquorette says:

    Kitana hit Scorpion with the ???

  16. Roland Deschain says:

    That’s right you’re all special snowflakes and deserve to be here

    – Johnny Cage

  17. Red™ says:

    SO GLAD I pre-ordered this game

  18. Felipe Romeo says:



    *Please, make a new film about MK :)*
    *We all would like to watch it*

  20. Misaki Tsukikage says:

    This reminds me, the MK Deception’s trailer. Baraka Vs Mileena.
    Someone also do that?

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