Most Annoying Types of Friends!

Most Annoying Types of Friends!

There’s no such thing as a perfect friend, there’s just friends that are significantly less annoying than others..
See how many of these apply to your group of friends and then see how many of them apply to you!

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20 Responses

  1. Joshh _ says:

    The lagger is my dad

  2. MayaPannkaka says:

    When I joke I use scarasm very often, which my friends find very offensive

    “I’m so bad at this”
    “Ikr” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    “Omg I didn’t ask you” ಠ_ಠ

    Like that.

  3. Lovely Explosion says:

    What about the annoying friend that says she looks so ugly or fat even
    though they are decent looking or flawless.

  4. Sameer says:


  5. Mogul Khantouchthis says:

    the stupid friend? wait.. i dont have friends O_O

  6. Wise Warrior says:

    Where was the out-tro!!! D:

  7. Turtle Munchies says:

    lol im definitally the judger and passive aggressive one

  8. Paul Aihe (Footpauler) says:

    That was a really awkward ending

  9. Jaden Belcher says:

    Oh shit I realized I’m the bailer 

  10. Idiot1234569 says:

    I’m the passive aggressive friend, “check out this video” friend and the
    overly-honest friend

  11. Jaden Belcher says:

    “The bailer” otherwise “the flake” I’m known to be a frosted flake 

  12. Fernanda R says:

    Hahaha who else was pin pointing their friends in this video

  13. phanyounot says:

    Is it bad that one of my friends fits all of these??

  14. MrDarkanLTU says:

    when i saw “lagger” i definetly decided its me :D

  15. black says:

    You forgot the OMG’er

  16. MadhuriOlah says:

    “before i rudely interrupted myself” crying ?

  17. Johnren says:

    To avoid this, simply don’t make friends

  18. Omri Jaacov says:


  19. portalbros says:

    my best friend is very a check out this video friend. and now that i think
    about it i am a little bit too. also when i start a new show or something,
    he always asks me how i think about it way to early.

  20. portalbros says:

    i guess you could call that a pre-asker friend