Most Dangerous Jobs

Most Dangerous Jobs

What are the most dangerous jobs in the US and the UK? Do they pay enough for what you are supposed to do? ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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20 Responses

  1. Mr Shekel says:

    Where are the feminists?

  2. Charlene Vong says:

    Hardest job: keeping up with the new memes, viral trends, and videos

  3. Whofan06 says:

    Lol that is not what I expected the thumbnail with the pig to correspond to. I was expecting it to be along the lines of stories of workers who fall into pig pens and are knocked unconscious and eaten by the pigs since pigs decide, well if it doesn’t move or react when i chew on it, i must get to eat it! I can attest to some of the stranger dangers of working with animals, the methane thing is definitely true, we have giant pits under the farrowing room and nursery that build up all the manure, urine, and other nastiness over the course of a month (the film that develops on top keeps the fumes contained) but when we drain the pit, the room is a hazard zone for a couple of hours due to all the methane and toxic fumes. And that’s just our little pig farm, on massive commercial ones, quite a few people have died walking into a room where the pit is draining because of all the gases. Aggressive boars are another crazy danger, but funny enough my roommate received her worst injury when our 600 pound boar slipped and fell on top of her, breaking and dislocating her knee.

  4. Andrew Tuck says:

    You forgot the most dangerous job in the us history with 8 deaths (17,777 out of every 100,000)

    The president

  5. Google Profile says:

    Most dangerous job is having no job.

  6. Whodey! says:

    The most dangerous job is a you tube commenter!

  7. itsPeanutGaming says:

    Presdent is the most dangers job

  8. karebu2 says:

    Nice graphics but the information seems to be all over the place. Confusing. Not subscribing.

  9. Cruz Carrillo says:

    Some jobs shouldn’t replace humans for robots

  10. Mr Awesome says:

    guess what else all these jobs have in common: they are all dominated by men…. why dont we hear the feminists complaining about this? the truth is they only want all the benefits of being male with none of the risks

  11. Test Account says:

    Isn’t being a MOTHER the most difficult job on the planet??

  12. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada says:

    For me the most dangerous/hard job in the world: School/High School Teacher/Professor… Why?
    Education is one of the most delicate issues in our society nowadays … Problems with “scientific clashes”, pseudoscience (like members of flat earth society) and religion make it difficult to learn subjects or topics such as biology, astronomy, paleontology and human sexuality.
    In addition, educators are (in many countries) poorly paid, poorly cared for and they are blamed for the problems that society and government have faced for years in the education system: low budgets, low standards, appointments, salaries, strikes, qualification of teachers, specialized care of students… among others.
    And most importantly, today teachers face family problems, familiar disintegration and family neglect. Parents believe that teachers are babysitters, that they must create human behavior and human character on their children apart from education, and that’s not the meaning of being a teacher.

  13. Eco Mouse says:

    Don’t forget to add “Whistle Blower” is also a highly dangerous job. “See Something, Say Something” can lead to a death sentence these days.

  14. 张小一 says:

    which job do you want to do? one for you

  15. TopherFM says:

    Interesting how 99% of these jobs are done by men. But “muh gender wage gap” is a problem.

  16. Peaceistheanswer27 says:

    the cop scene is obviously racist. dislike

  17. Ultra Chicken says:

    looking at percents U.S. President is actually the most dangerous job.

  18. Matthew Trzcinski says:

    Either we have a conversion mistake or a before/after taxes

  19. wholesome howell says:

    no pomegranates is currently one above this on trending

  20. Donald Trump says:

    How is my job not the Hardest?

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