Most devastating Superstar kicks: WWE Top 10, Jan. 7, 2019

Most devastating Superstar kicks: WWE Top 10, Jan. 7, 2019

No Superstar’s arsenal should be complete without a kick that can crush any opponent. Here are 10 of the most destructive kicks executed in the WWE Universe.
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83 Responses

  1. Can we get 50 subscribers without videos ? says:

    *What do you call bears with no ears?*


  2. Scorpion says:

    Could be done with Shawn Micheals only

    • Scorpion says:

      +The Wrestling Oversell like I said…

    • Scorpion says:

      ok for everyone who didn’t get the joke , I’m saying it’s something like this

      number 10 – sweet chin music
      number 9 – sweet chin music
      number 8 – sweet chin music

      number 1 – sweet chin music

    • The Wrestling Oversell says:

      Scorpion I get the joke, but the list isn’t of individual kicks, it is of a certain move (e.g, brogue kick, super kick) not certain kicks (e.g Sheamus Brogue Kicks Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28). Therefore you couldn’t have 10 Sweet Chin Musics, therefore, my friend, you are wrong

    • PUBG EXPERT says:

      I gave u 100th like

  3. Paige says:

    Nobody does the superkick better than Shawn Michaels!

  4. Sheamus says:

    The brogue kick is the best,requires only one.

  5. Mandy Rose says:

    Shawn Michaels is a legend.

  6. NeNe.W86 says:

    Black Mass at #7 is a joke. Should be much higher

    • Smallie Bigs says:

      +Aakash Somani I don’t see anyone stating otherwise other than you. You’re the one implying otherwise. Kid.

    • Aakash Somani says:

      +Smallie Bigs I was talking about finishers not the personality or the charisma.
      Don’t u understand English?
      Let me explain u in easy words so that u Understand clearly what I am trying to say
      Hbk finisher isn’t vicious or dangerous than Claymore or Black Mass. If any of those 2 Finishers mistimes or wrongly performed could cause Concussion or maybe a long term problem whereas Sweet Chin Music isn’t that dangerous

    • Smallie Bigs says:

      +Aakash Somani
      You clearly lack the knowledge of this topic to debate, in the first place. Secondly, the concussion inducing or hurting nature of claymore or black mass mean absolutely nothing. Any move executed incorrectly (“botched”) can hurt you. Even a botched bump from the top rope can paralyze you. So, move the “danger” factor away from moves, because literally every move can damage you beyond repair. That’s not even the argument.

      Now. Michaels’ superkick is the most “trendy” move in this business. The superkick existed before Michaels, but after Michaels, the move became a household name. Nearly every wrestler does it, and still people prefer the one Michaels did. Why? It was marketed as the best move back then, something which Black Mass or Claymore are certainly not.

      If you were from the 90s, you wouldn’t have ranked some thigh slip visual kicks better than the one Michaels did. The closest “trendy” move is Omega’s V trigger and even that is far behind Michaels.

    • cuddle team leader says:

      I say black mass should be first

  7. Braxton Harris says:

    Anyone else miss Kofi Kingston as a single competitor

  8. Viper_Incarnate says:

    Anyone else read this as “super kicks” and not “superstar kicks”

  9. Tramayne Williams says:

    That helluva kick though

  10. PlanetZain says:

    I literally went “oh my gawd” with kofi’s trouble in paradise. That was perhaps the best one he’s ever done

    • ThePhoneyPotato says:

      That trouble in paradise legit connected, pretty sure miz had a concussion after which is probably why it looks so brutal.

    • Aakash Somani says:

      +ThePhoneyPotato he was literally knocked out cold & bleeding from the head somewhere.
      That was one hell of a timing by Kofi. I posted the video u can check that out.

    • Andrea Reynolds says:

      Yeah, I’d say the opposite. Probably the worst one he’s ever done as it legitimately connected and injured the Miz.

    • ChrisUy says:

      Because It Was Actually Real He Hit Miz In The Face Hard…

  11. BalorFigs UK says:

    how is blackmass not number 2 at least? like the riott kick wtf

  12. Friendship says:

    *_Now that’s a lot of damage…_*

  13. the dank milkman says:

    I think miz is dead

  14. fOoTbAlL fOrEvEr! says:

    Shawn Michaels is the king like if you agree

  15. Baymella says:

    Shawn Michaels superkick to Shelton should’ve been number one to be honest, js.

  16. Seth Freakin Rollins says:

    Let Kenny appear at the Rumble

    • Chris Jericho #MEG says:

      His contract is up after the rumble, and he will not be there

    • youtube profile says:

      +‘El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl LMAOOOOOOOO

    • Chris Jericho Fanclub says:

      +‘El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl the person that was supposed to get a huge push in 2007?

    • ‘El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl says:

      Chris Jericho Fanclub I feel he should have got a mid card push at least. He had the athleticism, physique and attitude tbh. They made him into a joke hence why I said “The Almighty” haha.

    • arthur dsouza says:

      +Chris Jericho #MEG His contract ends just in time before the Rumble but he Will most likely go to AEW or will swerve us and stay in NJPW…….

  17. Zahra Saghir says:

    Who else is reading comments while watching the video ??

  18. Akarsh Sharma says:

    How the hell was RIOTT KICK above BLACK MASS

  19. Seth Freakin Rollins says:

    The Riott kick put higher than the Black Mass on the list? What a joke.

  20. Chiseled Adonis says:

    They put the Riott Kick on here ??? hilarious.

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