Moto X Play: True love isn’t so hard to find.

Moto X Play: True love isn’t so hard to find.

Moto X Play is your perfect partner. With more than a days battery life and a water-repellent design, it’s there for you day and night, rain or shine. Take stunning photos and shoot HD video with the 21 MP camera, and view it on the vibrant 5.5″ 1080p display. Plus, enjoy a pure Android™ experience along with Moto enhancements that do more for you. Moto X Play. Choose the phone that loves you back.

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19 Responses

  1. Praveen K says:

    +Ramon McNally But what is it that you didn’t like?

  2. Ramon McNally (DJ-ÐiGiT) says:

    +Allen Edmonds I got a mix relationship with Moto decisions.

  3. Deqiang Gu says:

    anyone knows how much would be ? I wanna buy 10 of moto x play

  4. JPTheLyricist says:

    Does moto x play have dual front facing speakers too?

  5. Bhavya Raman says:

    India release date and price anyone?

  6. joshua meeker says:

    Some version of this phone will be available in the US soon. Just not in
    August. Motorola knows everyone doesn’t want a phablet. They’re just
    rolling out their phones in phases. Can’t release 3 different phones at
    once, people would be confused. 

  7. Phitsamay Ssn says:

    almost perfect! but why no flash on the front T-T

  8. Toshko Nikolov says:

    this or the LG G3?

  9. Marcelo Vessoni says:

    Love this video.


  10. Farhan Widyandhana says:

    Android Phones is keep getting bigger and bigger. What is wrong with them?
    not all of us like big phones

  11. Marc B says:

    i still have a moto g, i want to upgrade so badly!

  12. mightydegu says:

    Please bring the moto x play to the US! It will be a great alternative to
    the recent upper midrange devices released by the competition. 

  13. Saul Ruiz says:

    This phone is perfect I just wish they would sell it in the U.S. so I can
    upgrade from my first gen Moto G. :(

    • Benjamin Macdonald says:

      +Saul Ruiz im also having a moto g, though im living in sweden so HAHA! **points
      finger att you**

  14. 風小魚 says:

    Moto X Play!

  15. Insane Dave says:

    That a very smart way to step forward innovation .. good luck moto i love
    your product 

  16. Jieh-Wei Houng says:

    Will #MotoXStyle or #MotoXPlay be my next phone 😀
    but let me think of how I can make my current phone survives till then
    #struggling #truelove #empltywallet #pureandroid #goodrelationship

  17. Hiluxtaco says:

    C’mon, Motorola. Make this phone available for sale here in the USA… ?

  18. Juan Andres says:

    When will you release this in Southeast Asia (Malaysia)? Pls asap.