Mueller Indicts Three Former Trump Officials In Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Mueller Indicts Three Former Trump Officials In Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at special counsel Robert Mueller’s first charges in his investigation of the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia.
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Mueller Indicts Three former Trump Officials In Russia Investigation: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Deadprez101 says:

    “You gonna grow up like your parents, oh don’t answer that question It can only get me in trouble.” So trump is fully aware his decisions are bad?

  2. NetDijk says:

    He just remains such a nasty man….even to kids

  3. verilyheld says:

    Trumpanzees are saying about the Halloween thing ‘jeez he was just joking, you never give him a break.” No, you IDIOTS! All the Moron-in-Chief had to do was hand out candy and say ‘nice costumes.’ But that was too much for him, he had to criticize the media, and he should stay away from jokes as he cannot make jokes. The fact that Trump is somebody excuses keep having to be made for never seems to penetrate their tiny little minds.

  4. cyan bloodbane says:

    Would you listen to this cuck… fucking idiot

  5. Mr. Hippie says:

    A turd stain that 45 has been to this country, that will finally be wiped away. A disgusting, painful, turd stain that have been hard to come off. Happy Halloween 45. 🖕

  6. Carlos Lozada says:

    Where’s the Spacey jokes ?

  7. Matlockization says:

    I thought the whole idea was to nail Trump. But instead all Mueller could hope for are people who were never part of Trumps campaign when the questionable deeds were done. Yet the media remains quiet about Uranium 1 ! The establishment press have a lot to answer for.

  8. Dave Saldana says:

    Liberal propaganda there’s not one ounce of evidence but I’m at Democrat side there’s tons of evidence

  9. Stephen Paddock says:

    Manaforts involvement with the Podesta group is going to open up a large scale Dragnet investigation. Mueller may have to recuse himself since he was the one that hand delivered the uranium to the Russians.

  10. Genes says:

    This fake news still going on? It’s almost 2018 and they’re still pushing the Russian hackers fake news?

  11. Jalen Martin says:

    This is Fake News, they aren’t “Trump Officials”, working for Manafort doesn’t make you a Trump Official. Seth, learn to research instead of blindly reading the teleprompter.

  12. PainBlame says:

    Its quite obvious at this point, you wont trend without insulting Trump, and you wont have a youtube career if you support Trump.

  13. J G says:

    I would never let a kid near that creep

  14. James Anderson says:

    Good God, STUPID parents allow children to accept candy from stranger’s

  15. Casper307 Gaming says:

    I voted for Trump! I’ll vote Trump again in 2020!
    Can I have some subscribers please? Thanks

  16. mmb811 says:

    Wait till they start looking into trumps business dealings and those tax returns he has been hiding at all cost, money laundering immediately comes to mind. Then wait till they start looking into Hillary and DNC! Looks like some people will be spending xmas in jail!

  17. Tracy Howard says:

    Seth Rich might be alive today if he didn’t work for the dnc.

  18. Lexi J says:

    Jtfo also realize that it was only white children in his office i wonder if those children were paid to be in there 😂😕

  19. Adam Greenan says:

    If Fox news forget to report News, will Trump supporters even know he’s in Prison?

  20. 不想這樣 不想這樣 says:

    Have you made friends? I’m Chinese

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