Mumford & Sons – Believe (Official Audio)

Mumford & Sons – Believe (Official Audio)

‘Wilder Mind’, the new album will be released 4th May 2015 Pre-order: CD/Vinyl: | iTunes: | Amazon:

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Director: Ross Stirling
Producer: Claire Jones
DOP: Nick Gillespie
Editor: Rebecca Luff @ Ten Three Editing
Flame Artist: Giles Cheetham
Colourist: Jason Wallis

Production Company: Studio Juice
Post-Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Format: HD Alexa supplied by Arri Media

Music video by Mumford & Sons performing Believe (Official Audio). (C) 2015 Mumford & Sons, under exclusive licence to Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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20 Responses

  1. SplinterCell37 says:


  2. Amanda M says:

    I think the song is okay. It isn’t typical M&S which is what we all
    should’ve expected. The song is pretty generic, but not bad enough where
    I’m wanting to turn to a new song immediately. I have high hopes for the
    rest of the album. People shouldn’t bash them so hard for only hearing one
    song. Other songs upcoming could change your opinion like that. 

  3. Ian McConaghy says:

    I’m disappointed, where is the band that I fell in love with years ago…
    Why do bands have to transform into societies one type genre? This song
    just sounds like all the songs in Ghost Stories by Coldplay. Original U2,
    Coldplay, and Mumford is so much better than their newer stuff… 🙁 I fear
    for the music industry, all the bands that I love are changing, and they
    all sound the same… 

  4. Jonathan Gutierrez says:

    Well it certainly doesn’t sound like them but that’s not necessarily a bad
    thing. Come on guys this is Mumford and Sons here they write their own
    lyrics and take time on their albums.I actually want to hear the new music
    they have to offer because they haven’t disappointed me yet.(Also this song
    grows on you over time) 

  5. Robbie Baker says:

    Sounds a little too much like Coldplay. But stop bitching, you fucking
    pseudo hipsters. Bands evolve and experiment. Get over it or leave.

  6. Johnny Chicollo IV says:

    Anybody else think “Of Monsters and Men” while listening to this? 

  7. Jennifer Wells says:

    It’s different from their other stuff, but I like it. They’ve said in past
    interviews that they don’t just play one type of music or fit into anyone

  8. WaasekomAnishnaabe says:

    Just listen to the message and you’ll know they are still Mumford and Sons.
    Too many people are caught up on how to they SHOULD sound. They’ve never
    been what you think they are. Deal with it. Its their message thats
    important. Not their move be maintstream. Not their dress. And certainly
    not their choice of instrument to express that message. 

  9. Thomas Huffmaster says:

    I don’t understand all the hate on this song. I think it’s downright
    beautiful music, and that the band is staying true to their overall sound
    and feel but branching out in terms of instrumentation style of music.
    Kudos to Marcus and the gang for finding beauty in something new yet still
    keeping their own identity as a band. Definitely my most anticipated album
    of the year right now. 

  10. dsdsfr says:

    No banjo..but I think I might just love it.

  11. Lauren Walters says:

    Le sigh
    It’s good, but it’s just not as good as their original sound.

  12. Ben Nelson says:

    What the fuck 

  13. Lauren Ashwell says:

    I’m not sure about the song but I will wait till the album comes out

  14. Thiago Herminio says:

    This clip reminds me of Snow Patrol – Open your eyes

  15. TheGuitarist7000 says:

    Wtf is everyone talking about? I love this!!! You can’t just keep rehashing
    the same sound from the first two albums. You need to grow and progress
    your style sometimes.

  16. Mackenzie Fisher-Bach says:

    I don’t care what y’all think – I love this track, and I’m so glad they’re
    back <3

  17. Alex Rocha says:

    I actually like this.
    *let the hate comments commence*

  18. Nathan Kozak says:

    Sweet mother of God. Wait until the full album before all of you go on
    rants. Bands change, grow up.

  19. Neo Malak says:

    Replay, replay and more replay. ♪

  20. Godwin117 says:

    This is great! I’m excited to see where they go with this change in sound