Murphy Makes Cosby Jokes at Award Ceremony

Murphy Makes Cosby Jokes at Award Ceremony

Eddie Murphy jokes about Bill Cosby and does his famous impersonation of the troubled star during his acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Prize in Washington, D.C.; comedy stars including Tracy Morgan, Kathy Griffin, and Trevor Noah attend. (Oct. 19)

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20 Responses

  1. Max_x2 says:

    The dude (Murphy) played so many characters, that he’s at ease with ANY
    personality on stage. He’s epic.. The other 3 ones… I feel like Morgan
    was the only respectable one, even tho he looked high AF on medication.

  2. Anthony L says:

    Eddie Murphy is and always will be the man when it comes to comedy!!

  3. ourworlds atwar says:

    1:23 Did this bitch just kiss Tracy Morgan’s ear? o.0

  4. aysbg says:

    Whenever I see Eddie go into “standup mode”, I instantly think: “HALF!”

  5. awill891 says:

    Is it plainly obvious that he’s been holding back his trademark laugh all
    these years? I don’t know why but in my head I assume he retrained himself
    not to use his real laugh anymore and it happened around the time he
    stopped doing stand-up. In any case I hope he’ll do stand-up again soon
    because he was a great live performer and had that special something about

  6. Zeitgeistmusic997 says:

    It’s like when Jordan came back

  7. Jeff Lebowski says:

    We miss you Eddie, tell Dave Chappelle we miss him also.

  8. Gary Arnold says:

    H3ll todanall, no want he baack. Unless he suck poison out of Norbits @$$.
    “1983” (home alone busting my side laughing at this man) absolutely the
    funniest dude on the planet (Sorry K “HART” you are a little funny).

  9. Shaun B says:

    eddie murphy could easyily knock off any comedian in the last 30 years and
    take that number one spot

  10. letmeseeto says:

    great is Jah…..he sets men up and brings man down….

  11. cwoolfork says:

    I smell an HBO Comedy Special brewing!!! ROFL!!!! ?

  12. Ham Samick says:

    I don’t know why so many people wonder why he stepped out of the spotlight.
    For me, I wonder why people who have made tens of millions of dollars keep
    working. Eddie’s net worth is $180 million. To me, someone who makes that
    much money and continues to work is a moron. Coming back if and when he
    wants is the way to do it.

  13. O'Dwayne Davis says:

    *insert GOAT emoji*

  14. Elizabeth Brewster-Rutherford says:

    Murphy refused to do any Cosby imitations or jokes on the SNL 40th
    anniversary because he said it would be ‘hurtful to both Cosby and to the
    potential victims’. Cosby sent him a thank you. Now, Murphy does the
    opposite. Looks good on Cosby, but his initial “sensitivity” to the
    situation seems to have disappeared? How strange.

  15. Connor Dunn says:

    Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite actors. I wonder why he hasn’t been in
    any movies recently.

  16. thatonedrewguy says:

    He would have brought the house down if he had done that at the SNL
    Anniversary show.

    I guess all it took was a few more accusations to make it acceptable for
    him to goof on him. Hypocrite.

  17. Vishal Hussain says:

    If he does another standup special, the world would explod.

  18. bigraviolees says:

    bleed cosby dry, he should be in jail for many lifetimes if not take it all

  19. musicbabylove1 says:

    Hes a tasteful guy. Always has been.

  20. Angel Alexis Toro says:

    The Greatest Stand Up Comic alive!