[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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33 Responses

  1. Akbota Mazhiken says:

    классно , но почему у suga мало партии и его нет в клипе

    • Мария Редькина says:

      Я успакаиваю себя тем, что он сам эту песню написал

    • сонечка says:

      потому что это песня айю с фитом а не песня айю и юнги (хотя ее все равно можно назвать коллабом)

    • Tanya 11 says:

      Он вроде бы как ещё продюсер клипа

    • deungnamue says:

      Фит с юнги, он не главный в песне

  2. xhd vdtms says:

    The fact that this song was interpreted iu’s friendship make me cry so hard

  3. A says:

    as always her MV’s are so creative and relaxing she always wins at her self and make everything warm I literally got chills from hearing her angelic voice every time she sings

  4. Jasmin Ara says:

    Everyone: *Play this at my funeral*
    Me: *_This is the reason for my funeral!!_*

  5. Gavriell Tanjung says:

    I felt so attack and heartbroken listening this it felt like there’s no one in my house while this quarantine😢😢😢

  6. kris angel says:

    Taeyeon’s new song : feel happy but a little sad
    IU ‘s new song: feel sad
    Both of them being sad in these years losing their important people in their life, but they still smile in thier mv 🙁

  7. dija shya says:

    army i think we should collaborate with ”uaena” to support our artists at all times

  8. Le mochi Meme says:

    This comeback is the one we didn’t think we needed, but we did

    This mv is literally so beautiful and the song too

  9. H says:

    “the word forever is like a sandcastle”. you can try to build it up as strong as you like. as tall as possible. but one wave can tear it down like it was never there. our forever sometimes feel that way, but our memories will always last.

  10. ʟᴀ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪs says:


    _”eight” is dedicated to sulli and jonghyun. the girl dressed in white is sulli who runs because she never gave up and when she jumps she falls on the dragon that represents jonghyun. that’s why iu cries… because he sees them fly together._

    _”eight” esta dedicado a sulli y jonghyun. la chica vestida de blanco es sulli que corre por que nunca se rindió y cuando salta se cae sobre el dragón que representa a jonghyun. es por eso que iu llora… por que los ve volar juntos._

    _pd: llorando ando._💕

  11. Fer SauMor says:

    No puedo estoy tan orgullosa de mis dos bebos hermosos :’D


    It’s like in the first part of the MV when she entered a futuristic room is like showing that she is in the future, after entering the room she then went to some devices that looks like they are from the past ( tape and 🔊 usually if you’re in the future everything is either in hologram or touch screen.) Then she push the record/play button which allows her to capture/show everything that’s happening on the tape, just like how our mind works capturing/reminding us memories no matter how long it may have been.

    After that she then lay on the bed and was asked a question then she proceeded.

    She found her self in a room that is familiar to her. It was when she asked “So are you happy now” as if she’s referring to someone in the room that of course came from her house. She then looked at her shadow realizing that she is true and still existing. After that IU roamed around the house which reminded her of how happy she was that time, how she enjoyed every single minute.

    IU then appeared at the states as if she’s being chased, but her chase seems to be with a friend that’s why she was smiling widely. The Lizard in the aquarium represents her friend, her source of happiness. She loved it so much and wants to protect it by keeping it by her side.

    However the lizard doesn’t and is not supposed to be caged. But even if IU want to get it out she can’t come to it because of the “Glass” that serves as a barrier between them. She just looked at it from afar hoping it’s happy. But then when she thought everything is fine, she then had a dream of how the lizard is feeling. In her dream, she was shown as an animation and when she looked in the window she then saw the lizard. At first the background of the lizard is filled with sunshine but then rain came and the lizard couldn’t handle it anymore so it let go.

    IU then woke up realizing what happened but when she got to the aquarium, it was too late. It was already gone.

    She went out and try to look for answer on why if disappeared suddenly. While looking for answers and still trying to recover…
    Behind her back she didn’t knew that there is also someone she loved but was also suffering that time. She didn’t show her how hurt she was and kept running away with a smile.

    She then reached the end of the cliff and hesitate but then still jumped thinking that she has no way back anymore after trying to step back.

    As the girl jumped she became surrounded with orange background which usually gives off a bright and happy image. Landing down the girl was saved by the dragon.

    The dragon was actually the lizard. It became a dragon which known as something that doesn’t exist anymore.

    IU who was watching or “Dreaming ” about everything cried because of both happiness and sadness thinking that she have to let them go but she was also happy knowing that they are now free of chase and are now “Forever young”

    In the plane she came across them but instead of chasing after them she gave them a smile and let them pass through. And moved on carrying the memories as she woke up.

    Hi this is just my thoughts about the MV. I love it so much specially the meaning of it so I decided to write my thoughts about it.

  13. 채원 쌈무 says:

    IU seems to be a perfect singer, not lacking in tone, appearance, and everything 😍😍

  14. Daebak Taslu says:

    *She looks prettiest when she smiles*

  15. AK 193 says:

    no one:
    literally no one:
    my subtitles: wE wE wE wE wE tO a Ko WoO LeE

  16. aNanYa 2307 says:

    THIS. This is what 2020 needed.
    Also, I read in the comments that Jonghyun’s the dragon and sulli’s the girl-
    im not crying 😭

  17. Luiz says:

    *JEM10 and PYQGDS = 12~15% Discount on Yesstyle*

  18. Angel Soriano says:

    after listening repeatedly:

    UAENA’S AND ARMY’S: this is literally the BEST COLLAB OF THE YEAR, no one will ever change my mind and that’s on periodddddt

  19. fidzz • says:

    the sound is so refreshing but actually the message is so deppresing

  20. taehyung bandana says:

    love that note drop when she sings “forever young”… sounds like she was bringing out sorrow

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