[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌)

[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌)

[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌)

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SUNMI, who firmly positioned herself as a matchless female solo artist drawing the most attention with her alluring and extraordinary interpretation of music and performances, releases her mini album “WARNING”.

The name of the title track “Siren” has two meanings like her single “Gashina”, making people imagine a beautiful mermaid in the myth seducing seamen and at the same time remind of the warning sound for emergency.

The visual and auditory images are everywhere in the title track in an elegant way. This song can be called a combination of SUNMI’s sensuous expressions that have described her own sensitive, delicate, fantastic and unique sensitivity through her music, performances and styles.

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28 Responses

  1. Tharumi theSoneArmy-Multifandom says:

    I’m so happy to see sunmi shining bright after all this time. it’s really hard for a celebrity to keep it up all the time in korea! which, Sunmi did! she’s a real Queen!!

  2. suga velvet says:

    her songs are so catchy 😩 it always take me so long to love a song but not hers! i loved this song the moment it started..love you sunmi ❤

  3. my name is SuSHi says:

    Sunmi: *sneezes*
    Me: UWU Bless you with all the love in the world my gorgeous queen I love you

  4. Kezu Peh says:

    Omg…are those the Dior “Ultra Rouge” new Lipsticks? I am sure it is.👍😉 Sunmi must be wearing “ultra rouge 999″…fancy bright red. Besides, there are also Diorskin forever fluid foundation, Dior rouge blush, Hydra Life Sorbet water essence on the table. Btw, i love the song & choreography. I hope the album & song will do proud on both charts’ ranking & digital sales.👍👍👍😉😉😉

  5. Greta Piperkoska says:

    Little weird, but still cute. Sounds little bit like old french pop songs, and generally older European pop.

  6. Sana Jams says:

    I think sunmi likes to be on the floor

  7. Fatima says:

    Her visuals are madd🔥🔥

  8. Joysé O says:

    Honestly everything about SUNMI is unique from her music to her beauty. She gives out only bops. That’s real Queen material.

  9. tide pod says:

    everytime sunmi drops new music, you know it’s gonna be good

  10. Wenny Widyastuti says:

    Just to inform you that Sunmi has been a solo artist before Gashina released. You can check her older songs like 24-Hours and Full Moon.

  11. changbin's grr says:

    *3:26** That’s how a queen should look like. That’s a superior look*

  12. Niharika Ghosh says:

    Everyone bow down to the KWEEN Sunmi who comes out with bops and bops *_oNLY_*

  13. 1996mm mm says:

    As i expect, this is ART.

  14. Derya Karabatak says:

    Really really beautiful music begendim i likee

  15. BabyTurtleJr says:

    Queen of facial expressions 💖

    Edit: Queen of everything

  16. Diana says:

    omg another bop from our queen damn I rly like the siren noise

  17. M S says:

    Suddenly my skin just cleared up, my soul is cleansed and my body is hydrated wow only sunmi could

  18. T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga says:

    God decided to add an extra gallon of gorgeous when he created Sunmi

  19. Zeynep Ozpalas says:

    K-pop more like k-bop

    Slay it queen of korea🇰🇷

  20. changbin's grr says:

    Sunmi: **sneezes**

    me: *bless you my goddess, thank you for blessing us with your existence. even the sound of your sneeze is beautiful.*

    someone: **sneezes**

    me: *ew germs. go away*

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