My Best Friend SURVIVED Cancer… 3 Times

My Best Friend SURVIVED Cancer… 3 Times

We filmed this video weeks before yesterday‘s accident. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, we are doing the best we can right now. Hey everyone… Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is very special to me. One of my best friends Daniel, has been in my life for a long time. We traveled the world together and performed across America, we’ve had so many adventures and memories. Our old Myspace Vlogs will forever be legendary. 15 years later… It’s time for Daniel to sit down and share his story. He wants to share his personal health journey with everyone. Daniel has now survived stage 3 colon cancer, THREE times and is living with a colostomy bag. He is fearless. He is a survivor. And he means the world to me. We go on a journey today. Thank you guys so much for watching.


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31 Responses

  1. lanni says:

    The fact that he survived cancer and is now surviving a car accident is heroic

    • Jesus Christ says:

      @lanni no it’s not, coming from someone who’s survived cancer three times, there’s nothing heroic about it. I hate when people say people are brave or heroic for having cancer like they had a choice in the matter. What’s the other option? What were they meant to do, shrivel up and die?

    • Ariane Greene says:

      @weshtalseum Yes and he might have to get another surgery. You know it’s so sad that you would leave such a comment even if you are a troll. When I see my patients dealing with cancer and chemo I really feel for them. I grew really close to one of my patients. He was like a second father to me. I’m crying as I write this. I am used to seeing patients pass away, but this hit me hard. Unfortunately he passed away 😔. He was a war vet. He fought for our country . He had hairy cell leukemia. There were days when he was so full of life and he fought so hard. He was a fighter. When he started to decline it was so hard to see how much he was suffering. I remember his last words he said to me were,” I don’t want to wake up anymore.” He was such a fighter, but because of what his body was going through he didn’t want to suffer anymore. Please watch what you say. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • Khaleesi says:


  2. Marie Hanna says:

    As much as i don’t like jeffree’s drama i appreciate the fact that he’s letting others use his platform to talk about things that might actually help other people.

    • Ashley Mac says:

      @Ahrielle Ellis you don’t know what engagement is? Lol yikes. I’m sure he appreciates your comments none the less.

    • Khaleesi says:


    • ew says:

      its not drama maria, he is a criminal

    • the_furry_forrests says:

      @C V 🎤👇🏻(drop) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 amen. You’re not speaking to rational people though. Unfortunately many are very gullible and only see surface level information rather than perceiving the situation from their own perspective. There’s a reason he has continued to make it this far, he’s smart and willing to accept mistakes and grow as a person. If people can’t do that without threats of violence then years later, then they may as well execute them right there. (Obv this is a metaphor fbi, chill)

  3. Sabrina Beck says:

    The fact that people could be so mean and cruel to him after he went through cancer three times breaks my heart. People are fucked

  4. Big Guy Appetite says:

    Awe, I remember y’all together at Warp Tour. So glad he is doing better. Will keep him in my prayers.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Guineapigsforever says:

      My friend met Jeffree at Warp Tour in PA! He took a picture with Jeffree where they both complained about online haters and it’s inspiring to see how far Daniel and Jeffree came. Praying for both of them, I learned things I never knew about Daniel today

    • San Colechio says:

      Daniel. Nice to meet you and I am sorry. This was a wonderful video.

    • Katie magda says:

      I wish for nothing but the best for you two! Will be sending positive vibes and healing your guys way❤ stay beautiful queens!!

    • Katrina Thorne says:

      I think Charles Manson died from asS cancer

  5. Jeanette Lussier says:

    My mom died when I was a kid. I used to go pick up her colostomy bags from the pharmacy at lunch time from public school. Thanks for telling your story.

  6. Dawn O'Neill says:

    Only people with an ugly heart would wish someone who hasn’t harmed anyone dead when they are battling cancer 😱 my aunt lost her battle to cancer in 2019 😢 I hope you both have a speedy recovery 💜

  7. Billie Fontaine says:

    As a cancer survivor myself who nearly died from all the chemo like why are people so goddamn stupid & mean?! Unreal! You get better Daniel & so glad you have an amazing friend like Jeffree. Healing vibes to both of you! Take care

  8. Lauralou waters says:

    My brother in law has just finished his treatment for cancer. We are hoping against hope that he has beaten it 🙏 . Thoughts are with you all xx

  9. kevin says:

    Doctor: “Give me surprised”
    JS: “OMG I’m cancelled”
    LMFAO i love him so much. get well soon. x

  10. BreeAnn Marie says:

    My dad passed away from colon cancer. He had a colostomy bag and me and my family would help him change it before he passed. It was not a pretty journey. Daniel is SO strong for beating this! Truly. ❤ Much respect and love.

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