My Best Friend Tried to Steal MY CRUSH

My Best Friend Tried to Steal MY CRUSH


This guy’s name is Bryan, and he has a best friend called Eric. They always thought that nothing would ever be able to damage their friendship – after all, they’d never had a single serious argument! But that all changed when they were both around 13, and they met a girl called Phoebe.

Phoebe was an awesome girl from another school, and they actually met online (they both played the same computer game). At first, all three of them chatted online, but then they started hanging out with her in real life as well. She was fun and cool and pretty, and Bryan started to like her a lot. One evening after they had walked Phoebe home, they were talking about how awesome she was, and Bryan eventually told Eric that he liked her. To his surprise, Eric told him that he liked her as well. At first they thought it was awesome – like, they were such great friends that even their taste in girls was similar, and they didn’t think it was a big deal.

The three of the continued to hang out together, but of course, online, Bryan chatted with Phoebe one to one, and he got the feeling that she might like him as well. He decided not to tell Eric so he wouldn’t get upset, but continued talking to Phoebe on a daily basis. Some time later, Eric told him that he thought Phoebe liked him because she was so friendly towards him, and Bryan responded by revealing that he had the same impression. Bryan told his friend that he intended to ask Phoebe out, but then Eric got mad and said that it should be him that does it, because he had a better chance with her and that was only fair. Of course, Bryan disagreed, and so they actually had a serious argument for the first time in their lives.

After that, they talked less and less to each other, and when all three of then were hanging out together, Eric desperately tried to be funny and cool with her. He had never acted like that before, and it was very weird for Bryan to witness it, but Phoebe laughed and enjoyed his new image – so Bryan decided that he should do the same.

Later Eric started to make some barely noticeable but mean jokes about Bryan, saying things like, “hey, Bryan, wanna race towards that sign?” and if he said “no”, he would answer “of course you don’t, I forgot that you’re the weakest in our class”. So he usually said yes to challenges like that, but Eric always turned out to be a bit faster than him. Of course, Bryan argued with him and tried to answer everything the same way he did, but it was all so stupid. Online, he would tell Phoebe how Eric was acting like a jerk all of a sudden, and she was like, “he said the same thing about you, what is happening between you guys?”

At that point he thought of telling her that he liked her, but decided that he wanted to do it in a more romantic way, so he planned to ask her out without Eric around. But they were already planned to go out all together, so he decided to do it afterwards.

So, the day came and they were hanging out as usual, but then suddenly Eric told Phoebe in front of Bryan that he liked her and wanted to date her! Bryan assumes Eric had expected that he wouldn’t say anything because it would be too awkward, but he couldn’t lose his chance, so he said right after him that he also liked her and that she should choose the best one. And yes, it was awkward.

He still remembers just how wide open Phoebe’s eyes looked at that moment. She clearly didn’t know what to say…so she said something like “um, well, actually, I have a boyfriend, guys, I’m sorry”. The rest of the evening was very awkward. She was clearly feeling very uncomfortable at this point. Maybe she didn’t actually have a boyfriend, but the situation itself was obviously weird for her.

So they walked her home, and she muttered “sorry” and went into her house. After that, they didn’t really hang out with her, and Bryan of course understood why she didn’t want to anymore – or maybe she really did have a boyfriend…

He and Eric didn’t talk for weeks, and he missed him. He missed Phoebe, too, because she was a good friend, but Eric was his BEST friend. Even other people at school noticed that they didn’t talk to each other and asked why.

So one day after school, he texted Eric and asked if he wanted to hang out, and he said yes. At first it was a bit awkward; they were both still mad at each other. But eventually they just started talking and joking around as usual, and soon it was just like it had been before. They didn’t talk about Phoebe at first, because it was an awkward memory for both of them, but eventually they did of course. They decided that they wouldn’t act like they had towards each other ever again.

Bryan now realizes that he could have lost his best friend because they were both acting stupid, and he really should have handled the situation better.

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  2. Sergio Abreu says:

    And it turns out they were both gay for each other

    The End

  3. elmoofin itsmuffintime says:

    My friend said during it was summer break “we can facetime this whole summer!” But then after the next day I called her on facetime and she didn’t answer then I was like hmm I thought she said we do that all summer? Then after summer break there was a new girl in school for fifth grade and she saw my friend because she had pink hair and decided to be friend with my friend and then she kept on pulling my friend away from me and then me and my friend wouldn’t answer my calls or messages then right after she doesnt answer the call or message she makes a regular video like she always does then I got kinda confused she would have gotten the message and replied back but then after a little while her mom decided to invite me and my mom to her house and talk and we did and made videos but then after she messaged me saying “sorry I had to delete the videos” and she didn’t really explain why and then after like 4 days I message her she don’t reply back and then I got mad but I just kept on moving on then after a week she invites her other friend to her house and she made a video about it and she KEPT IT then I got so mad then I went to her at school and sorry of cried and said “Why did u delete the video of us and why did u keep u and ur other friends video?! ” And then her other friend came and pulled her away then I was like shocked that she doesn’t do anything about it. Then like a lil long time ago she made a Multiple message with her other other friend and then after they keep on messaging in the multiple message then I delete there whole conversation and just deleted there number

    Sorry if that was way too long I don’t even think that u read but it was a sad story for me):

  4. StaY SaTisFieD says:

    Even if you trust someone you shouldn’t tell them stuff like your crush because maybe they’re not trustworthy

  5. Mene The mene says:

    Amazing video my dude keep it up 😀

  6. Mene The mene says:

    I’ve never clicked a notification sooooooooo fast in my life 😀

  7. Lydia Grace says:

    *_happens to me all the time. i got used to it you will too._*

  8. Gloria Atanga says:

    Plot twist: Phoebe has a twin sister😮 and they are both single 🤪!!

  9. ya boi says:

    Mmk bruh as a girl myself, if two dudes were “fighting over me” I’d think it’s really freaking weird lol

  10. ー。Bipolarism says:

    Okay so this guy pisses me off..
    Seriously, A girl over your best friend. Also woman arent just an accessory, wtf.

  11. NBA 2k says:

    The Game was fortnite I know

  12. My shorkie Named niko says:

    I love these Daly vids

  13. dry skin gal says:

    I lowkey thought this was gay for a second

  14. 1000 subscribers with 1 video says:

    This is max🐶
    He can’t swim well
    Don’t let him sink to the bottom of the comments

  15. Meisha’s Crazy Life says:

    I tied my shoe

    AcTuLlY HaPpEnD

  16. Crackshot says:

    My Best Friend Tried to Steal MY CHEEZ-IT

  17. Samuel Elder says:

    Plot twist

    Phoebe is a lesbian

  18. HTONY says:

    YoU CanT StEal A GirL ShE ISnT YoUr PrOpErTy

  19. smell It or eat it says:

    A boyfriend

    I bet he didn’t kiss you

  20. A random person says:

    He didn’t really try to steal your crush because he had a crush on her as well

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