My Boyfriend Makes Me Ice Cream For My Birthday

My Boyfriend Makes Me Ice Cream For My Birthday

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43 Responses

  1. Stephanie Frances says:

    it’s the end of an era… the end of “32 year old ladyyyy”

  2. Cassidy F. says:

    “You know what my passion is?! Sittin on this BUTT!”

  3. Piers Kryslak says:

    Jenna you should be a Venus fly trap for Halloween and make all your dogs be flies lol

  4. 1818Pancakes says:

    You should make it with cashew milk and a shit ton of cashews cuz it comes out really smooth and creamy.

  5. Cassidy F. says:

    “I love you so much, but like, some peace and quiet would be wonderful.”

    *Every parents dream*

  6. Stalin says:

    I’ve had the black cherry vegan ice cream by ben and jerry’s, it was pretty good.

  7. cool guy says:

    Julian:*hates it*

    Also Julian: “It’s really good!”

  8. Paige says:

    Anyone else think her eyebrows like v good today!?

  9. Auntie Alias says:

    For 50 years I’ve searched for black raspberry ice cream. Last seen in Maine.

    • moonkenzie says:

      Ohio and Kentucky both have it. I don’t know if they ship because I just… go there, but the company is Graeter’s and your whole life will change.

    • Auntie Alias says:

      @moonkenzie Thank you! I’m Canadian and we were stationed in ME at the time so I doubt I can take advantage, sadly. In those 50 intervening years, I’ve looked in both countries and came up empty.

    • Smilys Prid says:

      I most often see the Friendly’s brand carrying it here in Massachusetts. If that exists where you live, I’d check there first. Much love dink fam?

    • Auntie Alias says:

      @Smilys Prid Thank you. 🙂

  10. OFFWHEAT says:

    *Julien is such a nice friend making ice cream for his friends birthday goals* ?

  11. Grae Mae says:

    that means jenna is now a ~33 year old ladyyyyyy~

  12. Kat Lemley says:

    “You know what my passion is? *SITTING ON THIS BUTT* “

  13. Serena Boutin says:

    Jenna’s birthday videos are my yearly reminders that virgo season has now commenced

  14. CocoIsNotNuts says:

    I swear, Jenna gets cuter every year

  15. lea long says:

    “peachy be like cAn i hIt iT in tHe mOrNinGgg” i’m ded lmao

  16. Marissa Healey says:

    Jenna is the most beautiful birthday girl in the world. Make up or not. She deserves ice cream and more.

  17. Cheyenne Fornwald says:

    *Me sitting on my East coast butt eating 4 gallons of black raspberry ice cream whenever I feel like it*

  18. Alexis Dulin says:

    Julien: “I boxed jumped on the counter.”
    Jenna: “Are you serious?” *takes glasses off*

  19. P D says:

    peach be like: *~jUmPs On cOUnTer~*
    and julen be like: “mE t0o”

  20. MissPiece22 says:

    Who else was waiting the whole time, after he mentioned it, for Julien to jump up on the counter? ✋

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