My Dad And I Were Homeless and Had to Sleep in Our Car

My Dad And I Were Homeless and Had to Sleep in Our Car

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Gaby’s father and her step-mother decided to get a divorce, which wasn’t all that much of a surprise overall but it came rather suddenly, and at a really bad time because her father was out of work and was having a lot of trouble finding a new job.

At first her step-mom was really kind and told them that she would pay the rent for a month, and that they could stay, while he found a job and a new place for the two of them to live. The apartment had been hers to begin with.

But only a few days later she had kind of forgotten all about her offer and asker Gaby’s dad for the rent money. He told her he didn’t have the money and reminded her that she had offered to pay, to go easy on the divorce while he got things settled and started up somewhere else. Her dad was trying, and looking for a job, and all of that in the middle of a divorce.

She got super mad, denied ever saying that, yelled some more about the divorce and told Gaby and her dad to pack their bags into the car and leave. They didn’t have a choice, with no money and no place to go, only their car and clothes, they shoved a single mattress into the backseat of their car and spent the night homeless, in a car. Gaby spent that night crying, shaken, scared and uncertain, she never imagined she would be homeless, sleeping in a car.

The next morning they watched the house to see when her stepmom left for work and then they quickly went into the house, showered, and grabbed the rest of their things. And still, after all that had happened, Gaby had to go to school. All of her best friends had heard about what happened and they were all really supportive and some of them even offered to have them stay with them and their families, anything other than sleeping in a car.

But, instead, her Dad found a public park that had bathrooms, and one stall that never got used where they stored their larger stuff. Her dad made a shower out of a hose that ran into one of the bathrooms and that’s how they bathed every night.

The park had a barbecue as well, and that’s where they would cook their meals, all the time sleeping in the car, homeless.

Gaby and her dad lived like that, shopping for food a day at a time, eating and showering in the park, and sleeping in their car, for a few months. Finally, one of her dad’s friends somehow found out what was going on and insisted that they come to stay at his house for a couple of weeks while her dad continues his job search.

Her dad was embarrassed, and ashamed, but he needed the help and he accepted his friend’s offer to put them up. With the very little money that he had all he could afford for them was a shared house, with lots of people living in it, totally cramped and uncomfortable, and the people there were really weird and acted really strange. Gaby and her dad really hated it there. It was almost worse than sleeping in a car.

On day her dad got great news – he had gotten an offer for a really decent job, but, it was in another state. Gaby really didn’t want to move, didn’t want to leave all her friends and move away – but – she knew that they needed to and that her dad needed that job.

They had to go all the way from New South Wales to the Norther Territory. She pretty much cried the whole way.

But now it’s been three years since they were homeless and sleeping in a car, and since they moved, and she’s now super happy that they have settled into a real home that feels safe and secure.

And, even though it sounds strange, she’s glad that they had that experience because it brought Gaby and her father so much close together, and she saw and learned how much she had taken for granted, and will always appreciate every moment she has and all the blessings that come with them.


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82 Responses

  1. sarcastic mimiwng says:

    Your dad really loves you..

  2. BTS Jin's one and only says:

    I miss these stories they take sooooooo long to post something

    • Britney Eaglehawk says:

      +Bisha hubi Whatever lmao

    • Britney Eaglehawk says:

      +Bisha hubi My Lover is a BTS fan and she is okay, she doesnt scream ‘OMG ARMY’ at every little thing about it, she doesnt act special. So YES i do have a bit of experience with other fans, but i personally dislike K-pop.

    • Bisha hubi says:

      Britney we don’t make them look special they are special & what is the problem,we are not spreading hate or shading other artist & its nice that your gf is army and she can control her feelings but me personally i can’t

    • Amy Williams says:

      They take a week they post everyday Tuesday

    • Kiki03000 version 2.0 says:




  3. Trippie X says:

    What mother would do this!?

  4. Eve says:

    It’s really sad cause this almost happened to me and my dad

  5. Thunder Bolt says:

    0:06 HAHA ? XD LOL hahahahah

  6. Faith Adderly says:

    For some reasons I love to watch storybooth stories

  7. XWolf says:

    I’m so happy you guys found a good place to stay!

  8. adam is sister shook says:

    the same thing happened to me when I was 13 but it was with my mom. her boyfriend molested me four times and I didnt know how to tell her, so I lived in fear and filth every day. I don’t think people truly understand how bad it is to be homeless. at least we had a car to live in. we had to bathe in public restrooms using the sinks and our hygiene and health was disgusting. we couldn’t use regular bathrooms, we had to urinate in public places in the dark, hoping no one would see. my mother and I are getting back on our feet, and I mustered up the courage to tell her about her sexually abusive boyfriend. things are better, but not perfect. shit was hard.

  9. Natalie Vlogs says:

    Dads are heroes for all of us?❤️

  10. Guppie The fish says:

    Omg this brought tears to my eyes it was so good

  11. LocalMemester oof says:

    My parents got divorced when I was 5
    It was heartbreaking
    I had to go to a children’s hospital
    Until it was my birthday
    I spent 4 years with my grandparents
    Then I lived with my dad
    Mom gets in jail a lot
    So I don’t get to see her
    But I’m happy
    To be with my dad again

  12. Diamond playz says:

    Its a sad story I can’t stop crying I’m really crying and my mom leaved me like that ????

  13. Hey it’s Mallory says:

    Every like I add a ?


  14. Cream_snow TV says:

    You sleep with your glasses? In the animation

    Edit: 0:37 she sleeps with her glasses

  15. Volvo 2005 says:

    I’m glad your father and you stay close despite everything.

  16. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Like a girl once said “if your homeless just buy a house”

  17. MSXD 12 says:

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments! 🙂

  18. Maddie Fishblob says:

    They lived like that for months?! I mean I know they broke up, but I WOULDNT LEAVE MY EX HUSBAND AND HIS LITTLE GIRL OUT ON THE STREET! Dat lady iz crazy as heck ?

  19. Tibo Declercq says:

    I will tell you something that does not happen in any other country (as far I know).
    I am from Belgium. And look how spoiled some people are out here :

    Workless people get unemployment benefits out here. This is also the case in other countries here in Europe like France for example. But the difference is in France these unemployment benefits stop after 2-3 years while here in belgium you keep receiving this as long you stay workless. And it can vary from €700 till €1000 a month.
    Of course this is good for people like him , but many people here don’t do any efforts to find jobs and are just spoiled. But keep in mind : we are the only country with such a spoiled policy, but this also means there are also taxes out here , more money gets taken away from your gross income to your net income. Despite it helps people , some people are just lazy and are spoiled, so I am against this policy.

    • RINE says:

      I agree. I think this policy is abusive and so is for France. 2-3yrs of money abuse still not good enough despite the country ppl being rich ppl should work to earn their living bc that’s the same for the rich except for the corrupts just an opinion

    • Gaming Lenn says:

      FAKKA ik ben nl

    • Britney Eaglehawk says:

      Hello fellow Belgian.

    • Courtney Holecek says:

      Here in Australia if you don’t have a job you go into centre link and they pay you but I don’t think they did that

    • Tibo Declercq says:

      +Heidi Wang I really mean their whole workless life. For example if you stay workless from your 20th till 60th then our government gives that person €700-€1000 a month for 40 years. In many countries I know they stop doing this after 2-5 years. Here in belgium there does also exist something as a workless pension for people who never worked during their lives. Here are way too many people spoiled

  20. Retro Nero says:

    This is how much faith u have for the Homeless!

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