My dog and his extremely sour warhead.

My dog and his extremely sour warhead.

My puppy is always starring at my food and begging for it. We I had a sour head this time and I decided to give him some. Here’s the out come! Watch it

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19 Responses

  1. Taipans says:

    I somehow knew it was going to be a pit bull.

  2. kaozbender says:

    “Look at the dog” Apparently the person recording is a fucking dumbass for
    not being able to listen and for recording a vertical video. Fucking sad.

  3. Dante Rowland says:

    Please shut up about the camera.

    I’m gonna get so much hate aren’t I?

  4. glarf says:

    I always wondered if dogs could taste sour stuff I’ll take this as a yes

  5. squiid says:

    “Look at him” x3 times, camera holder has to be a dumbass

  6. Rajan Gill (SteathyNinja56) says:

    Forgot to put ‘Original’ in the title

  7. hmany hosam says:

    This video shows that the dog is smarter than the camerman.

  8. reee eee says:

    Why do so many of you get so triggered by vertical videos? its not that big
    of a deal jesus christ

  9. James Hamers says:

    wow I hope your proud of your selves. what’s wrong your ps4 off line that
    day. you know a dog’s pallet is more powerful then a humans. considering
    there’s a warning on the package for humans. you gave your fucking dog one.
    fact is that’s not the first time you’ve done this ?

  10. james d says:

    When people don’t realize they’re shitting on a child

  11. Potato Human says:

    At the start I though the man was the dog

  12. Archmage Madara says:

    Everyone’s complaining about the camera man, this isn’t a god damn movie.
    It’s some guy filming him dog taste a warhead ffs.

  13. Downtime says:

    when he kept telling the camera man to look at the dog and he didnt, i
    wanted to fucking scream.

  14. Brian Steeves says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Sunflowers are yellow
    You expected a poem
    but these are just gardening facts.

  15. JollyImpulse says:

    It’s sad to see that we now have to feed dogs warheads. Freakin Daryl is
    eating all the dog food sandwiches.

  16. DarkEmpireSubbie says:

    LOL LMFAO so funny dogs reaction = PRICELESS

  17. plz kill me 101 says:

    move the fucking camera you dumb fuck

  18. GaryTheGoose - idk says:

    If trump wins i have room in my house in canada for someone

  19. Bob McCoy says:

    Plot Twist: Dog dies due to Tongue Cancer