My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

By the way if you’re ever looking for Jolene, she belongs to our friend J. Cyrus you can find him at

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45 Responses

  1. Sht bleh says:

    I feel like Jolene is too pleasant of a dog for their crazy pack lol

  2. Alice Macarthur says:

    ? Jolene, Jolene, JoLeNE’S SO CLEAAAAAN ?

  3. Justlisten498 says:

    Don’t apologize for the wholesome dog content. Peach trying to pull that greenie off the string and Kermit regurgitating that pupsicle is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while??? God I love these dogs

  4. UnicornDynasty says:

    I’d be 100% okay with Jolene stealing my man

  5. Isabelle Baginski says:

    OMG I’m dead, my dad looked over my shoulder and saw Peach and asked “is that a dear?”??

  6. Tayler Gutierrez says:

    I need to see a pool day with all these dogs. This is the most hilarious content I’ve ever seen

  7. Larry Cabz says:

    was expecting peach to pull the string, stretch it, and launch herself over the fence…

  8. A. O'Connell says:

    Bunny: stunning, flawless, beautiful, amazing
    Jolene: impeccable, outstanding, perfect, awe-inspiring
    Marbles’ side licking: adorable, special, trying his very best
    Kermit and Peach: greenies demons, D+ in this class

  9. Dwindling Spark says:

    I’m begging to you please don’t take my maaaan

  10. Lulu Potter says:

    I’d like to think I’d be the Jolene of any group

  11. Lanea F. says:

    “We have to get him inside. He’s gonna attract bees.”

  12. B.S H says:

    I already knew Kermit was a nasty boi…but omg this a new level of nasty. ????

  13. Nokomomo 22 says:

    Alternative title: Jolene being a good girl while Jenna contemplates her parenting choices

  14. moxie says:

    Jenna: ..any of the BLACK seeds you wanna get rid of those
    Jolene, a black dog: 2:42 *looks into the camera like shes on the Office*

  15. Lucianne Stoltzfus says:

    Can you do a “how to care for your giant cermet” with Bunny?

  16. lazymornings says:

    “…perfect day to have some nice, calm popsicle time…”
    8:47 cue the most chaotic 5 mins in dog history

  17. Carol Carroll says:

    I had a dream that I met Marbles and he was literally just a wet sock

  18. Rita M says:

    You never think having a popsicle would be nasty but here’s Kermit to show the way

  19. queen weave says:

    alternate title: *jenna and julien try to control dog chaos for 16 minutes straight*

  20. Mr.E says:

    12:17 we need a warning label for videos with Kermit eating
    *”Warning: Extremely Nasty”*

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