My dogs thought on the current howl chain…

My dogs thought on the current howl chain…

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24 Responses

  1. G. Jon Hamm says:

    my dog did the exact same thing

  2. reginald uttah says:


  3. CannabisMaximus says:

    good dog.

  4. Jonathan Brand says:

    “Really? You got me up for this? I have more pressing matters to attend to.”

  5. Emma says:

    “Get internet points on your own human” – yo dog

  6. Anthony Lopez says:

    “This is all so tiresome”

  7. DudeitsGrafton says:

    There was an attempt.

  8. . Jason says:

    Good boy

  9. yeah oh right says:

    Golden Retrievers are the biggest teachers pets/narcs out there. It’s like they’re people pleasers first and dogs second.

  10. PixelHydra says:

    “I’m getting too old for this shit”

  11. Pfft says:

    Good boys know when a meme is dead

  12. M Pomerantz says:

    I also left the movie theatre after watching “The Shape of Water” for only fifteen minutes.

  13. JunkDrawerVideos says:

    “I’m not doing this shit”

  14. Viper3220 says:

    To call a retriever easy going and carefree is an understatement.

    They’re like little balls of manic ADHD as puppies but after a 4 years they enter IDGAF mode

  15. Justin Shumway says:


  16. Rohith Kumar says:

    I heard dogs are things slow, so your 60 hz monitor won’t really look like moving picture to them as humans can see movement at 24 fps, dogs will see that as images not movie video.

  17. CT Lindcetera says:

    This demeans us both. Mr.Turner. I bid you good day.

  18. Mahir Cave says:

    What a great dog

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