my dream came true.

my dream came true.

I’m coming home Cleveland. Watch me fight Sunday August 29th Vs Tyron Woodley live on Showtime PPV.


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36 Responses

  1. Daniel Edwin says:

    jake paul next fight confirmed

    julia rose : oh hey i realized i love u

  2. Zachary Bechtel says:

    I’ll type what everyone else is thinking. She’s for the STREETS

  3. Miika Kotaluoto says:

    Julia rose is a part of fight camp. After she gets tossed back to the bin

    • Young Loud says:

      Yo I’m an artist and I’m working hard to make it out for my fam. I think I got potential to blow up in the music industry. If someone wants to check the music. I will appreciate it a lot fr.

  4. Julia Red says:

    Jake: “she’s for the streets”
    Also Jake: gets back together 💀

  5. Fierce TV says:

    This is a reminder to Follow Your Dreams! 💭

  6. Adame Family says:

    Ohhp….. theres Julia AGAIN…. Jake must be head lining a boxing show.

  7. lex says:

    Jake’s got a fight , here she come , gotta get that clout

  8. Pedro Picapiedras says:

    Julia always following and stalking jake ofc eventually she gets him back

  9. SmithBeatZ1 says:

    Julia wants more clout anytime Jake fights and then she goes ghost. Should call her Houdini.

  10. SmithBeatZ1 says:

    Should call her Houdini when she disappears after the fight.

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