My First Toxic Relationship

My First Toxic Relationship

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66 Responses

  1. shgurr says:

    Create your own website using Wix:

    They are a huge help in this demonetization era!

  2. rosy blood says:

    My first (and only thankfully) toxic relationship was when I was NINE, if you wonder how someone can be toxic at nine… SHE MADE ME DRINK ALCOHOL
    Edit: I was not expecting so many people to see that ?

  3. Meiko Moreno says:

    I am more of the person that likes to say hello to new people and make new friends ❤️?

  4. Scribbles And Doodles says:

    My toxic relationship was more subtle.

    She would care for me, and would make me feel better whenever I was upset, but she would secretly steal stuff from me. Drawings (I’m not that good anyways), necklaces, etc. I abruptly stopped the relationship, and she seemed sad. I felt bad and she explained that she felt awful on how she treated me. Now it’s better but I can never tell if I can trust her again

    • - Simplicity says:

      Is she a kleptomaniac? Therapy could help her

    • shgurr says:

      Those people are the WORST

    • Brianna Lopez says:

      Mine was kinda similar, she was always jealous of me but would act nice to me (at times).She would always take friends from me or try to and would tell some of them to tell her all of our conversations.i finally told on her and you wanna k ow what she did?She cried and cried and said I was taking her friends away and she was jealous of how “popular” I was.She had more friend than I did.the teacher told me to not be friends and not be enimies.So I let her go.Right after she came to me about to cry saying “can we still be friends”.I was MAD.After all she had done she wants me to be her friend?!I said “what?!No way.”. After she went to my best friend and tried to convince her to talk to be to be her friend again.I told her off and that was that.Until summer.I saw her at a pool and just said hi science I forgotten about the drama.She told me that she didnt want to talk and left.She then went to her group of friends that laughed and pointed at me while I was swimming.I felt miserable.Recently my friend put me into a three way call with her thinking we were good.She wouldn’t let me speak and kept cutting me off…that’s my toxic friend

  5. FroyoHead Animation says:

    _Friendship should be like kid’s toys, safe and non-toxic_

  6. DARK WOLF says:

    Wasn’t your first Toxic Relationship YouTube??

  7. Fandom guy says:


  8. Chef Puppet says:

    Shgurr it’s good that u stand ur ground ?(you and the other animators work so hard to make people happy).

  9. Amokriin Prolgiid says:

    Gotta love how it always cuts away before an implied age restricted word.

  10. Maddymaehey Animations says:

    Her: If you pedal away we won’t be friends anymore


    (Great video loved the message)

    • [deleted] says:

      Ahhh~ if only it was that easy. It’s more like you can try run away but the farther you run the more traped you feel. (Well for me atleast)

  11. Skunky Wild says:

    That “friend” was toxic all right.

    A TOXIC WASTE of space! (ba dum pssh)

  12. Shio Playz says:

    I had a friend like friend 2, in the end, when I stood up for myself, she just started spreading fake rumors about me with our other classmates… luckily we’re all in different schools now ^w^

  13. Newby Ton says:

    Why get into a toxic relationship,
    When you can get into Wix instead?

  14. Cringe Llama says:

    Everyone’s supportive and shares their story about toxic relationships…

    And I’m here still wondering what the guy whipped out. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Newby Ton says:

    Can’t have a toxic relationship
    When you’re not in a relationship ?

  16. Dread, the Mad Smith says:

    Splenda is a clever name.

    I wonder if she will have someone who’s totally fake be called aspartame.

  17. Randomations ! says:

    Tbh I’ve never had a toxic friend

    Bc I’ve never had a friend٩( ‘ω’ )و

  18. Regina Mills says:

    Ok the first scene is literally my life, that’s why I have no friends at all now. They all ended when I confronted them about our one sided friendship or when I stopped doing things for them…

  19. VIPER says:

    Shgurr: “Yeah I was in class and this guy totally wips out his…”
    Friend: “*Texting*”
    Me: “I’m interested ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

    • Mateo Gonzalez says:

      He whips out his whip collection and starts lecturing me on the history of whips and started describing the textures of the leather and patterns of the stitching. It was extremely annoying considering the class was College Algebra…

  20. Mason Warren says:

    I was forced to be friends with a toxic person by teachers it seems unbelievable but true

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