My friend sent me this video of a bison in his car with no context

My friend sent me this video of a bison in his car with no context

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  1. Ozgur Ulker says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I hope you’re doing alright after this visitor!
    I’m a video editor at Zoomin.TV and we would like to ask your permission to use this video in our worlwide news feed, on our international client websites and on our social media channels.

    Of course we would credit your youtube channel! Thanks in advance and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

    Please reply to

    Kind regards,

  2. Gaius Julius Caesar says:

    Hello Ryan, This is Garrosh Hellscream of the Horde. I’d like to contact your friend regarding this video. These creatures are fairly rare in Azeroth and I would like to know where you spotted this animal. Thank you for your time. ~ For The Horde

  3. littlemobzy says:

    Hi Ryan, I’m a writer at Bison World Magazine and I’d like to contact your playfellow regarding as to the nature of this video. Can you please ask him to email me at please? Thank you.

  4. Saitama Bro says:

    Hello Ryan, I’m a writer for bizons in cars getting coffee. And I’d like to contact the bison in the video regarding this video. Can you please teach him to use computers and have him email me at Much obliged.

  5. Jomo & The Possum Posse says:

    Dang man. That’s up close and personal! Thanks for the shout-out!

  6. kiDkiDkiD12 says:

    Hi Ryan, Im a writer at I’d like to contact your Bison there regarding as to the nature of this video. Please shoot me an email at
    We would also give credit to your channel

  7. Dominic Boggio says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m the Head Editor over at Large Animal Tongues magazine, I was wondering if we could put this on our radical tongues section of our website,, please reply to me at for details on how you’d like to be credited.

    – Dominic

  8. Funny Vine Videos | FVV says:

    Hi there, can we use your cool video in our YouTube channels (over 2m subscribers) ??

    We’ll give credit and we’ll pay you for sure $$

  9. Skelotor Ghost says:

    *H I R Y A N*

  10. Rasulbek Rakhimov says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I like your video.

  11. Mariam Arabi says:

    Congrats on trending ?

  12. InsertNameHere _ says:

    He called it a “holy cow” and then a “buffalo”. Make up your mind because it changes the context. I need to know whether this is just a cute video or a video about a blessed man that a holy cow licked.

  13. HBCgraphics says:

    This is what YouTube needs to be!!! Hehe

  14. Udhoi says:

    All this hello and hi rayn comments take too much effort to write. I’ll just post this. Upvote me.

  15. Gatling Hawk says:

    We’re sorry but you have been demonetized because of language – YouTube

    • Keegan McCracken says:

      Gatling Hawk actually you don’t have 4000 subscribers so it’s not even possible to monitize you video ~ YouTube

  16. Xwing Airsoft says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I work at Wendy’s. That is all.

  17. Richard Dawes says:

    Hi ryan, im a writer at “I Dont Understand These “Im the writer from…” Comment. magazine” and i dont understand whats happening. thanks!

  18. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    A man’s best friend is his beef

  19. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    This video kind of sounds like a song

  20. Rafa YouTube says:


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