My House Is Haunted, Of Course.

My House Is Haunted, Of Course.

Whatever. I missed having roommates, anyway.

Check out Joe!








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trying to pull my life together!

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41 Responses

  1. Gabbie Hanna says:

    Hey honey buns! Can’t wait for you to see my house become a home <3 Stay updated on my socials @gabbiehanna!

    • Cara K says:


    • Stella Blest says:

      I love you!!!…. and your 21 pilots shirt!!!

    • Destiny H says:

      heyyy. just so u know when you water your plants you should water the roots not the top because getting water on top of the plant (the leaves and flowers) makes them burn and die because the water attracts the sun.

    • SMEVAN says:

      Gabbie Hanna I’m a 13 year old YouTuber who just started uploading again for the first time in a year, please check out my latest video and show some support, new videos coming soon!

  2. Milly Scattergood says:

    She’s wearing a twenty one pilots shirt AHHHHHH I’m soooo happy

  3. Celeste Ludenburg says:

    are you finally gonna light that 300$ candle ?

  4. eza serrano says:

    Gabbie: this is so Pennsylvania

    Me, someone from Philly: ummm..

  5. Kira McC says:

    Edit: sorry but that fricking scared me, lol I’m such a wuss
    Edit 2: p.s. that orb thing was yellowish orange yellow orbs mean caution and orange orbs mean safety

    • Tricia Kay says:

      Kira McC it’s the reflection from the face of his watch catching the light (coming in the window facing him). Kind of like a prism, but just the light reflected.

    • Meowwfromspace says:

      Gabbie!! Have you tried to reach out to the people who used to live in the house? Ask the sellers if they’ve experienced anything paranormal.

      I am 28 too! Im a single mom, and I purchased my house two years ago. I talk to the sellers of our house all the time and ask them questions. We also have an underground sprinkler system, and the seller comes around every winter and winterizes them for me. Maybe they never turned the water back on to their sprinkler system because they were trying to sell the house? Reach out to the sellers!

    • LeDerek says:

      It’s the reflection of his watch from her bedroom window. No orb

    • Fancy Chancey says:

      Here’s what’s crazy, you slow down the video or pause it in the right spot the orb is there and then the next split second it disappeared from the same spot… also Joe’s arm motion does not match the orb’s motion. So it can’t be a light reflection.

  6. Shattered Crystals says:

    I like how they called the pliers a “wrench”

  7. B KiND says:

    The amount of times she just left her front/back doors open made me nervy.

    Also, giggidy.

  8. Kara Knob says:

    What if the house isn’t haunted and gabby is haunted

  9. chloe grace says:

    can we talk about how well joe executed closing those doors cus i actually kinda believed it

  10. Stefani Slater says:

    “Buy nice or you’ll buy it twice”

    -Joe 2019 Words to live by

  11. Zara Pollmann says:

    Did anyone realize that Gabbie is wearing a twentyonepilots shirt?

  12. Deni Pallas says:

    “This ghost is why I bought the house.”

  13. Gabrielle Powell says:

    “I’m stressed.”
    “Don’t be stressed.”
    My heart ❤️ and then he was helping her ?

  14. Jar Sksksks says:

    Make sure you water your plants in the morning if possible, it will avoid root rot 🙂

  15. Lynette N McQuiddy says:

    I love how Joe blamed not being a homeowner as to why he called a tea pot a soup ladle and a tea cup lol

  16. Miles Popilek says:

    You can revive a plant,All you need is new soil and lots of water (my mother said that)

  17. Laura Howard says:

    For sure saw the orb around 1:15. Your house is haunted, Yo!

  18. drusilla says:

    it was so cute when that man that came along and said “don’t be stressed” ??

  19. elsypie x says:

    Rule number one of being a home owner as a YouTuber:

    *Your house needs to be haunted at least a week after you buy it. So you’re already late.*

  20. Emily A. says:

    “How tall are you?”
    “That’s how long your arm span is”
    Me:**sees edit runs to get a tape measure measures my arm span and then height. Sees 5’4** these doctors lied to me. Tf. Making me think I’m 5’2

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