My new hustle. Your FREE advice.

My new hustle. Your FREE advice.

Hot, average advice from hot, amateur advisors. Get your borderline awesome answers for life, for FREE! Kristen and I advise your serious and sticky situations in the new series, LISTEN. Thanks for watching babes. Submit your situations to @welistenin on Instagram to be in the next episode! Check out more info below:
No matter what you FEEL, the truth is, you are NOT alone. But you are strong. Stay so, check out below:

• Crisis text line: just text “HI” to 741-741
• Peer support:
• Support in UK:
Stalk amateur advisor, Kristen McAtee!
A HUGE thank you to Liza Koshy for her editing genius. Check her out here:
Music Creds:
– Elevator Music
– Royalty Free Music
– But I’ll still get copyrighted for my other clips.
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
Thank you, naans and nuns.


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57 Responses

  1. Savanah Ayyoub says:

    1:05 Liza: I went through my own Great Depression… now it’s my Roaring 20’s!”
    Me: Wow, so clever!
    Me a second later: ….didn’t the Great Depression come after the Roaring 20’s…?

  2. xxNewVivxx says:

    this was great & I loved it! keep listenin ?

  3. Malena Boeva says:

    Wow i remembered why i miss Liza on YT

  4. Ameena sheikhnur says:


  5. drusi11a says:

    okay but who actually thinks that the song they sang at 3:29 was dope ?

  6. Juliana Linge says:

    3:27 Okay but when do we get a full cover?

  7. Leo Adam says:

    So listen up yo, cause this is it.
    The beat that I’m bangin is lizakoshytoo

  8. Amina Ibrahim says:

    Liza + Kristen = Listen??

  9. Zainab Rasool says:

    Did you forget your main account password?

  10. Dark_Crystal_Crumpets says:

    Liza is the funniest person i know shes The Best

  11. lili says:

    can next month’s theme be love advice?
    I need a little help in that department.

  12. Isabelle Dawson says:

    Liza cant do pet peeves… why? the only pets she has are her plants, and there FAKE ( just like the brows?)??

  13. Alejandro Castillo Trujillo says:

    I thought it was called listen because they are LIza and kriSTEN

  14. Mia Productions says:

    Is it called Listen because Liza and Kristen’s name is together or am I the only one who’s realised?

  15. Xaria Hicks says:

    Who else missed… Say hi kwisten

    No… Just me

  16. Stevie Slisk says:

    She really missed the opportunity to use Beyonce’s Listen?

  17. Jelly Cats says:

    3:14 I see you Emma Chamberlain

  18. Emmasha Medonza says:

    DUUUUDEEE!!!!!! LIZA CAN SING!!! 3:26

  19. An na says:

    This is for everyone who goes through some hard stuffs.

    You are amazing, beautiful and creativ ❤ Don’t lose hope. If you had a bad day today, tomorrow will be great!
    “Sunsets are proof that every can end beautiful”~ Antonio Gonzalez

  20. Ryoof A says:

    God!! I’m so happy to see you in my subscription box?????????? I have been waiting!!

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