My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)

My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)

We did it. We hit 10,000,000 subscribers, something I never in a million years thought I’d achieve. Thanks for all the love and enjoy my journey here

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Editor –

If you read this far down the description I love you

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57 Responses

  1. Ativ Mathur says:

    Keep up the grind AND NEVER STOP

  2. Echo says:

    Let’s Go! Not going to lie I’ve been subscribed since 2 million I know some people try and lie just to get attention but I’m an OG fan 🙂

  3. Mystic Flare says:

    Congratulations you totally deserve it I’m happy for you

  4. Lil Owb says:

    If you love your followers like this comment rug💛🐀

  5. Angela Lopez says:

    Brian I really love your videos I’m glad your one of the best youtubers 3ver I love you guys with all my heart you guys mean a lot to me I hope one day I get to meet your family and I love pugs you one of my first Favorite youtubers ever I really wish I could meet you guys I bet you have the best life ever same here because you build my days every single day. I love all your vids I wish I was one of your family members. I really thankful for you and your family and, vids I really appreciate all you vids I wanna be like you one day. Your so kind thankful. And remember I will always love you and your family

  6. kingx34 says:

    Man you worked so hard for it you deserve it let’s hit 1 million likes for RUG

  7. Jazmyn Jackson says:

    He should have more subscribers than PewDiePie

  8. 2cool4you says:

    He’s the one who deserves this the most.

  9. xyr3zz says:

    You’ve been a huge inspiration for me since years! So i decided to start my own journey about half a year ago. And YES, recently i started “vlogging” and i love it! Waaaay more fun than gaming videos! (And you get f*cking outside too :D) Just wanted to say, you’re a hard working individual (yes it’s a lot of work, trust me), and every bit of success is well deserved. See you on the 15M soon!

  10. Trinity Vandever says:

    Whos been here before 1 mill?

  11. Ghost-Foxx Goddess says:

    Congrats On 10 Mil Subs !! U Deserve It !! 🔥🔥💪🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. XST4SY says:

    Ive been watching rug since his first haunted tunnel video way back.

  13. Carole Roseburgh says:

    You are such a good guy, And you deserve it, you give back to the people who need help the most, So FaZe RuG, congregations to you.☺.

  14. Anonymous E957071 says:

    Epic montage i really liked it faze i was following you since you hit 4 million subs you are one of the best youtuber wish you the best your friend from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 hope some day seeing you in my country

  15. JordNEdwardz says:

    5:37 He says he wanted that goal at December 2018, but you got it at September CONGRATS RUG!!! The best

  16. Rxversed says:

    Puberty hit hard but congratulations

  17. Goblinz says:

    Rug joined FaZe on my birthday I was 8 when he joined lol proud of u rug keep grinding

  18. Kaitlin Kal Lee says:

    congrats! I have 3,441 subs & I’m just grateful for that I can’t imagine having as many subs as you 😆❤️

  19. Coley OG says:

    I was actually about to quit before I saw this.. Thanks for the motivation & congratulations bro. You definitely deserve it. ❤️

  20. Vertix Gaming says:

    Rug, I want to say congrats and you have a VERY but VERY bright future ahead and waiting for you. Keep it up man. 👍🔥

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