My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday! | Charli D’Amelio

My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday! | Charli D’Amelio

hi everybody!
so i’ve been wanting to post this for a couple weeks and it’s finally ready! my parents surprised me with this amazing room makeover for my 16th birthday! i love it so much and can’t wait to show you everything.

special thanks to TOV furniture ( ) for the concept and furniture along with some other awesome brands you should follow on Instagram:
​@Coleman Furniture

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48 Responses

  1. Lily L says:

    charli having 3 iphones:
    me with an android thats 3 years old: NO

  2. Laūren pøp says:

    Charli: i have a hair thing
    Me: how many hair staright do you have on your room

  3. ZOE CORVALAN says:

    When you said heres my Xbox that reminded me of the tiktok you made and you said… ” Just waiting for Maddie to play fortnite with me.” I love that one!

  4. Blizzy says:


    Charli: sUpEr cuTe

  5. Mr td Bloons says:

    Charli: At carols house
    Me: at Carole baskins house?!?!

  6. Vanessa’s World says:

    Ok but like I want Charli’s room

  7. Liv M says:

    *charli having a TON of shoes*

    *me having one pair of shoes*

  8. LOL SQUAD says:

    No one:
    Litteraly no one:
    Me:super freaking poor
    Charli:Has 3 Iphone 11 pro maxs’
    Me again:OMFG THATS SO MANY😮

  9. Kelsey Nelson says:

    Charli: here is all of my old phones
    Me: wait what how many phones I’ve you had in the last year
    I still love you charli

  10. Christa C says:

    Charli: Gets LV, Gucci and Prada
    Me: Gets a plain birthday card😭

  11. Lux says:

    Didn’t know kids can be simps too

  12. Ida Fabienne says:

    Me: has 2 pair of shoes.
    Charli: has a closet filled up with shoes.

  13. Ida Fabienne says:

    No one:

    Charli: pulls out a drawer full of iPhone 11 pros.

  14. eve says:

    no one:
    charli: every video she posts is top 3 on yt trending

  15. Georgina Breen says:

    I don’t know why charli gets so much hate she is literally the sweetest person ever!!!

  16. Tyler Ngo says:

    Charli:shows all of her stuff

    Me: “how is this possible”? 👁👄👁


  17. Helbin 07 says:

    Charli: have a closet full of shoes

    Me: heheh i just have 4 per of shoes i think😅

  18. Helbin 07 says:

    Charli: she have lot of sunglasses

    Me: I just have 1😂

  19. Maverick Trujillo says:

    done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw CHARLI dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry нer boyfriiend <

  20. Danica Santana says:

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw cнarlι dмѕ *poor нer eхboyfrend <

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