My Teachers

My Teachers

If you’re a teacher and you’re reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. Another thing, on twitter people have sent me pictures of them watching my video in front of the whole class and I think that’s really cool. (also it robs me of like 30 views but whatever)

TimTom (I don’t know why I’m plugging him, he wasn’t even in the video. That was me at the end) ➤


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20 Responses

  1. Bent Out of Shape says:

    wow look at all these fake james accounts

  2. Hacked by Scarce says:

    Math = Mental Abuse To Humans

  3. Anya Pal says:

    My math teacher gave a mango as a prize for a question??

  4. Bri Renee D'Grey says:

    James, I usually have an F in math…
    I’m In 6th grade I found the good math teacher. Grade at B-

  5. Sybel Fernandes says:

    At 3:32 IN English it meant “We are not foreign To Love you know the rules. and me too”……

  6. Hayden W says:

    I DID MEH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ash- Greninja says:

    My coolest teacher is my math and English they made my hole class laugh and play after we write an SA we can play board games and play our phones and they dabbed..i miss them*sniff*sniff*

  8. Magical Emilia says:


  9. Roice Rice says:

    Anyone Hamilton trash XD?
    RIP Phillip T_T

  10. Savage #1 says:


    Do you sleep in the *_nude_*???

  11. Nooa Leikkola says:

    i hate french too

  12. Akın Kurt says:

    When you see the Papyrus “cool dude” shirt xD

  13. Paul Staneke says:



    Why can’t I have a good math teacher for once

  15. Minute Answer says:

    Cats Hear Elephants Corn Kangaroo
    Mouse Yeahbuddy
    Credit Ham Ants North Noun Exes Love

  16. Karina Cat says:

    hi guys! who Iiikes suurpriises? just cIick on my name and find out the best thing ever!?


  17. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    *#1 on Trending, good job James :)*

    *Btw don’t read my name..*

  18. MysticTheUmbreon says:

    One on trending :0

  19. JS Kim says:

    #32 trending in Sweden james 😀

  20. THE BTJ says:

    number 1 on trending nice

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