my trip home was a disaster *moving part 2*

my trip home was a disaster *moving part 2*

HELLO!! welcome to part 2 of my journey moving home. I’m so excited to finally be back in Colorado and I hope you enjoy this cluster of chaos. Have an amazing week LOVE YOU SO MUCH

If you wanna stay at the most iconic western ranch this isn’t a brand deal I just loved cowboy Dave lol:



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  1. morgans vlogs says:

    ON THE ROAD AGAIN I love you and hope you’re having an amazing weekend

    • em sa says:

      MORGAN START A PODCAST MAYBE ????? With your entire family!!! You could have a different family member every week or maybe as many as you can get. Friends, family, neighbors, ex bfs, we want it ALLLLL. No drama, just hilarious anecdotes and silly conversations, I know it’s similar to Ethans Families podcast but maybe you could say it was inspired by him and just embrace it. And make it your own. I would watch the fuck outta that

    • Nikki Slayz says:

      I’m sooo sad I wish I could hang out with soo bad hahaha and I live in Denver too!! Your so fuckin funny Morgan it’s a vibe😂. And it’s sooo true when I’m in Florida I caaaannnnt get drunk n everyones like damn why u drinking soo much r u gunna be good, and I’m like bruuhhh I live in Colorado you get way drunk up in the clouds basically 😂

    • Anna Louise says:

      We love youuuu Morgan x

    • Anxious Aimer says:

      I deff love you more tho bruh

    • Auroramystic says:


  2. Gio Vidrio says:

    Not Morgan ACTUALLY getting pulled over by the cops! We learned to not get caught on the last road trip with Trinity. Oh Moab.

  3. bethfaceplays says:

    Okay ladies… here’s how you pee on a road trip. You pull over along the side of the road and open the passenger side front and back door…. then you squat, wipe, and pull pants back up. People may have an idea of what you’re doing, but they can’t actually see you in your little three sided hut of shame.

  4. Christina says:

    not morgan saying “baddies to the left” while moving the camera to the right

  5. Katherine Stark says:

    Not a huge fan of road trips but would be SO DOWN to go on one like this! Laughed right along with you two throughout the whole video! You look so genuinely happy about this move. So happy and excited for you!

  6. Judie T says:

    She said “…so if you haven’t been here, just like…mmmm, now you have” 😂

  7. Kayla M says:

    When I was 19, (2019) I did a cross country road trip from western New York all the way to Nevada and back with my grandparents and Colorado was my absolute favorite. I can’t even describe the feeling I got literally the second we crossed the state line. Utah was pretty high up there for me too and this is making me miss that trip so much!

    • morgans vlogs says:

      Omg the mountains from Colorado into Utah is MY FAVORITE PLACE it feels like a movie

    • Kayla M says:

      @morgans vlogs Agreed! It’s incredible!

    • Monica Mccorkle says:

      Sounds so fun and a good place to live. I am wanting to move but am like should I move somewhere new but I don’t know anyone or have any friends or my dad gives me anxiety.

  8. lennash says:

    Just went through a terrible bed bug situation and I can’t believe you’re not paranoid about those bugs!!! I would’ve thrown all my clothes in the washer and dryer straight might as well put myself in the dryer too 😭😭😭

  9. Jose Macias says:

    Not the cops in Moab pulling over the blondes “for eating too fresh.” 😅😂🤣

  10. Shay Sweet says:

    That “Mobil home with a water slide” …. is actually a house boat. They are popular at Lake Powell and fun A.F. to have on the lake.

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