My Uncle vs Korean toilets

My Uncle vs Korean toilets

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20 Responses

  1. bunnyfreakz says:

    Press for surprise buttseks

  2. ryan hassan says:

    that why i love Korean and Japanese they wash after.
    I STRONGLY hate using only a tissue, it bothers me when i travel to Europe
    and North America

  3. MrBlingBlingNr1 says:

    it would be even better if the toilet has his awesome voice :D

  4. NeverenCH says:

    My right ear enjoyed this video very much.

  5. HarrisonsFord says:

    I imagine Stephen Fry sounds exactly like this while he is fucking.

  6. Nathan Stunning says:

    what is that for? 

  7. oh hell no says:

    stop giggling and take it like a man

  8. a h says:

    That was so very British. LOL.

  9. Wim Constant says:

    Korean toilet.
    I want one too!

  10. Huangism says:

    sigh, these awesome toilets addons are in public washrooms in japan

  11. Tam Van says:

    Toi k bit tien ah

  12. Zinefield 2.0 - Pro Gaming Evolved says:

    Whatever happened to just wiping your ass?

  13. Anihalas says:

    Say no to vertical video!

  14. White polezz says:

    rim jobs without the tongue 🙂 Thanks north Korea..

  15. julio hernandez says:

    is never too late to explore ur sexuality

  16. HHS1500 says:

    Moving into pisition… hahaha

  17. sif piff says:


  18. Ar-Rahman says:


  19. Emperor of Cartoons says:

    Someone accidentally hit the “enema” switch!