Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test

Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test

We’re testing to see how effective natural cleaning products are vs. their chemical-filled, name brand counterparts! Can we tell the difference?  GMM #1460

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41 Responses

  1. Morgan Bryce says:

    After YouTube, the boys should go work for QVC. Ratings would be through the roof!

  2. Jogha Ella says:

    This season has been FIRE so far! Top quality ?

  3. Robert Cuff says:

    maybe i’m being nitpicky… but Chemicals are literally everything, to to say something is chemical free means that it does not contain matter!

    • John Taylor says:

      This is not technically true. Chemicals are often defined as a particular set of atoms or molecules with a specific composition and physical properties. Under this definition atoms (and possibly things made purely of one element) would not be considered chemicals.

    • Lurky McGee says:

      @John Taylor actually anything that isn’t a pure elementary particle is a chemical. Chemicals are defined by being anything that uses a chemical bond to connect the 2+ atoms (including O2)

    • MrsCurioCheerio says:

      Robert Cuff Yeah ngl a little part of me cringes when people say they don’t want to use products with chemicals ?

    • T. B. says:

      I think they just mean that there aren’t *harmful* chemicals. Whenever I see a product that says “chemical free” I don’t think “wow that’s dumb everything is made of chemicals”, I think “okay, cool, this might be more gentle and environmentally friendly”.

      I think they advertise “chemical free” because a majority of the country is not educated enough to know the difference.

    • Hex Isme says:

      Robert Cuff Ditto

  4. Gavuri Pathmanathan says:

    I started smiling from ear to ear after listening to the theme song of the game…… HSM

  5. Rebekah Spears says:

    For the carpet, I would’ve used mud/dirt, food, or wine as parents would be more interested in which one would’ve cleaned better (kids messing up with the mud or dropping food and the parents needing to drink the wine). If you wanted to try to get blood stains out, put it on an article of clothing and try a detergent or other “bleaching” agent.

  6. Michelle Dai says:

    Am I the only one who gets just a little bit mad when they don’t experiment with scientifically sound methods? I know that’s not the point but at least use the same amount of product and the same cleaning strength.

  7. Sari Masu says:

    Have they both never seen ads for cleaning products ? You need to just swipe it once and it’s magically all clean. That how you truly compare cleaning products.

  8. Trista Kittle says:

    I love the nod to High School Musical!

  9. richie toezier says:

    i love how link can tell what animal blood is from based on its smell alone . proof of how much u guys torture him with the Will It’s !!

  10. Ballconei says:

    Vodka is a good natural cleaning product.
    Well it helps me clear the thought of cleaning from my mind if that counts.

  11. Justin Y. says:

    Next video: Homemade cleaning products vs Regular cleaning products

  12. RhettyforFun says:

    If the enchilada blew the door off imagine what it will do after you eat it!!

  13. Liam Wiltshire says:

    11:37 the way Rhett just looks up without breaking face had me in stitches

  14. Ron Johnson says:

    “Chemical free”? All those liquids are technically 100% chemical, even water.

  15. HazelPineapple says:

    Woah major throwback in the title song

  16. Mandy McDorman says:

    My science fair project in high school was testing cleaners against staph. We went to a hospital lab and everything, it was pretty legit. We tested Lysol, Clorox bleach, hydrogen peroxide, 409, and Seventh Generation. 409 beat them all. Seventh Generation did nothing…
    That being said, if something is that effective at killing bacteria, it probably isn’t that great for us, either. I’m not particularly worried about killing staph bacteria at home. It would be a good idea to take some 409 to college with you, though. Communal showers are filled with staph.

    • violet goodman says:

      Mandy McDorman Your class should have tested things like vinegar and lemon juice. They naturally clean just as well.

  17. XenosLangley says:

    After watching this, it seems clear that Rhett has never washed anything in his life lol.

  18. Micah Philson says:

    11:38 Just checking that everyone got this one. Yup, good. Carry on!

  19. Humboldt HipNeck says:

    If natural things are “chemical free” what exactly is in them? Also how is the word natural regulated? I think you are being fooled by clever marketing.

  20. Jessica Ross says:

    Nothing like cleaning your house with the high school musical going over in your head…poor Link?
    The crew certainly know how to make a mess when given permission!

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