Narcos | Season 3 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Narcos | Season 3 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The rise of a new empire. Narcos Season 3 arrives
September 1st.

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Narcos | Season 3 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Arif Emre Doğru says:

    So where is the Murphy

  2. Ahmer Kasar says:

    Gibrel Iglesia made my laugh even in serious scene😂😂. Anyone else??

  3. AUGIE Productions says:

    I just saw Gabriel Iglesias

  4. DEFxRECON says:

    Steve isn’t in this season because he time travelled, lost his arm, and tried to hunt down Wolverine and Professor Xavier.

  5. Nudle says:

    Netflix is on fire

  6. Sarah says:

    i liked murphy but i’m excited for this season to focus solely on pena
    anyone else?

  7. Dr Black says:

    IT, BRIGHT, Narcos s3, Star Wars 8, The Flash, Thor 3, Xbox One X & Stranger Things s2…. I Love you 2017

  8. Ubiquitous says:

    The fuck is Gabriel Iglesias doing here?

  9. Chris Nunez says:


    I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Un Und Unly says:

    We’re definitely going to miss Wagner Moura so much!!!!!

  11. Rj and Paula says:

    Pablo Escobar is pulling a Makavelli trick. He’s actually alive. That was his body double that died.

  12. Dustin Lewis says:

    I’m glad they replaced Steve Murphy with Peña. Peña is way more charismatic and interesting

  13. Al Jun says:

    with s7 of GOT starting ang narcos coming this september, i’m telling u were all gonna get our lives sucked watching this shows!! but who cares anyway, all i want is my dragons and cocaine lmao #hyped

  14. Karan Arora says:

    My girlfriend left me *heartbroken*.
    Like for NO REASON!

  15. Claude Newman says:

    Looks interesting but Wagner Moura was the essence of Narcos – Pablo gave me the chills everytime he spoke.

  16. Rocío says:


  17. niptuck117 says:

    Goddamn, I can’t wait for this.

  18. ChildofGod229 says:

    Im in after this please do BMF please!

  19. Adrian Vazquez says:

    at 12:00 i was just yelling FLUFFY…FLUFFY…OH YEAH…FLUFFY!!!


    Plata o Plomo?!

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