Natalie Dormer On “Game Of Thrones” Season 5 – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Natalie Dormer isn’t quite sure how long she has in Westeros, but she knows just how she wants to die on the show.

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20 Responses

  1. haufbraus says:

    Wow didn’t know she was British.

  2. TwisstedEdits says:

    if she were to die it should be via RKO (outta no where)

  3. Fledz says:

    Why is there a hyena on the other couch? 

  4. JuhanRoss says:

    You know nothing Conan O’Brien

  5. Serienjunkies says:

    Wie würde Natalie Dormer gerne aus „Game of Thrones“ ausscheiden? Das hat
    sie bei Conan verraten. Natürlich mit einem Augenzwinkern.

  6. supermatthewbros2010 says:

    I want to see Margarey smash Cersei’s face in with a mace, and take Tommen
    to the magical world of pine cones where they will be happy forever.

  7. JosephMcify says:

    Who the hell was laughing at the end of that video? Shit

  8. PeterOnTheInterwebs says:

    Who the hell did that laugh at the end…

  9. ALAN BROWN says:

    I hope she does survive season 5 , but even if she doesn’t i think we will
    see a lot more of her on movies or hopefully in another series like The
    Vikings or The Walking Dead. She seems pretty determined to get a lead role
    in a movie to me though, i think she could do either! She is one hot lady!

  10. NapiurPictures says:

    Things I would do to Natalie Dormer are unspeakable

  11. SuperEhima says:

    1:28 its Key and Peele

  12. Antonio James says:

    She’s so cool and Über hot.

  13. Aramis Hall says:

    She is amazing!

  14. DSKiller619 says:

    So… she doesn’t die in Season 5. Nice spoiler. 

  15. Chiz TheSaiyan says:

    So Keegan was the joker this whole time…

  16. Neil Fontane says:

    Be careful the internet is dark and full of spoilers

  17. Smart Bettor says:

    I have a good example, let Stannis cums all over your face and drowns you
    in cum

  18. Destinee says:

    So classy and beautiful, I wanna be her ^^

  19. Armond Welch says:

    i havnt looked at the comments but i know top comment is about that laugh.
    yep right i was

  20. XxHooksxX says:

    She’s so sexy