Nate Robinson: “The First”

Nate Robinson: “The First”

Nate Robinson, the three time Slam Dunk champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in NBA history is considering a run at the NFL. Friends (Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis), former coaches (Rick Neuheisel), and NFLers (Marcedes Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo) think Nate has what it takes. Do you?

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20 Responses

  1. Hav0cbeatbox says:

    People acting like Nate 4 ft when he’s the height of most running backs, he
    is only 5’9

  2. Angelo Georgiou says:

    Go get’em Nate!

  3. Bogdan Alexandru Mihalcea says:

    the clippers could really use his talents…

  4. Bo Rood says:

    Show some respect, Nate. I hope you make your NFL dream come true, but you
    would be the second man to do this. Bud Grant is the first, and only so
    far. Just cuz it was in the 50s doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  5. Sara Lida says:

    I guess Nate never heard of Ronald Curry tho he didnt play NBA was starting
    PG for UNC Tarheels AND starting QB for UNC FB

  6. Dylan Barker says:

    bro this would be crazy

  7. Trevonne Crosby says:

    I believe in you Nate, you can do it!

  8. Skilled Viper says:

    What song is it in the first 15 seconds

  9. DWils81 says:

    This video is more like a cover letter that goes along with highlight
    films….However, I hope he does great!

  10. Junior says:

    Nate Robinson talks just like another famous person that i cant
    remember…. Anyone know who im talking about? it might be a athlete

  11. Garrett Higbee says:


  12. Evan Springer productions says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. this needs to happen.

  13. Pound Grip says:

    Cleveland has found their new QB

  14. Glenda Campbell says:

    You’ve gone this long without a concussion, why risk brain damage at this
    point?! Let your NBA legacy stand on its own!

  15. Raheem Smth says:

    nickel corner!!

  16. hass_swagginyooO_D says:

    Heart over height ?? miss when he was with us on the Knicks dude was a
    beast and coolest dude ever honestly

  17. DieNetaDie says:

    Would not bet against him.

  18. Malcolm Brooks says:

    GO Nate!!

  19. Karvonn Coles says:

    cb dumb ass

  20. Bill Chapman says:

    Go for it man! Love your heart bro!